Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

I already posted the photo collage I sent to my mom, and she got it today and loves it!
Here is the one for my mother in law, Gail:
Forgive me. I cannot get a good picture of this with a point and shoot. Even with the flash off. UGH!

Left to right:
Laura, Gail, and Kelly
The whole fam at Laura's graduation
Laura and Kelly
Gail and Lee at our wedding
Gail and I at rehearsal dinner
Lee and I in Hawaii
Wedding Photo of Lee and I - specially requested by Gail and specially spruced up by Sara!!! THANK YOU!
Laura, Kelly, Lee, Gail, and Jackson at the wedding
Lee and I in Hawaii

I had to make one for me....
On our 3rd Cruise
The kids
At Buffett
At Jimmy's Birthday

As for my earlier post, when I do wear lipstick, it does seem to help...
I am just not into reapplying every 5 minutes...

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