Friday, May 29, 2009

Food & Wine Week

This should probably be posted under the food blog, but I feel I have neglected my poor daily-life blog, so I am going to just ignore the rules...

Last night we made the trek out to the Woodlands for Food and Wine week. They shut down Market Street and had tables all down the street with food, wine, shopping. You also could go into most of the shops and try wine there.

If you have never been to Market Street in The Woodlands, it is wonderful! Shopping, food, entertainment. There was a live band in a little arena area playing while we walked around and sipped wine. We started out the night with Mojito's at Tommy Bahama Cafe (pictured right at the bottom of that photo). I love this place. We ate there in Hawaii and I fell in love. I feel like I am one step away from the beach when I am inside this store/cafe. The food is wonderful, the atmosphere is right up my alley, and the price is right. Best Mojito I have ever had, let me tell you.

There are only about 10 of the cafe's in existence and I love them. Lee bought a shirt and I admired about 3 dresses. We have a coupon for like 30% off later on in June, so we will go back!

My favorite store of the night - Sur La Table.It is like Williams Sonoma on crack. I actually liked it better and may wonder that way (there is one in River Oaks) on Saturday while Lee is at the bay.
They also had my favorite wine of the night, Geyser Peak. Lee loved their Chardonney and I enjoyed the Chardonney alot.

The whole thing was put on by H-E-B so you can find all the wines you tried and liked (or disliked - stay away from Hob Nob!) at the store.

If the Woodlands wasn't such a trek, I would live there. JUST so I could go to this shopping area and enjoy Mojito's on friday nights...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome comments. I happen to come across this and work at Market Street and help produce the Wine Walk here at Market Street - glad you had a great time.