Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Uncle Bunny

A long time ago, I named Donald "Bunny" and that just seemed to stick. You know how you try to nickname someone and it just doesn't really work? This did. Even Lee calls him Bunny sometimes.

Anywhoo, to Lola and Teddy, Donald is "Uncle Bunny." (Pronounced "Unka.")

Unka Bunny watches them when we are out of town. He comes over to let them out if Lee and I can't get home after work for something. Unka Bunny loves the puppies.

Yesterday, I got home right about 6pm, 6:15ish. This working out thing is getting me home a little later than normal. Bunny was already here (Monday night dinner), partying with the puppies in the back yard.
That is Lola. That is Lola all the way around - look at that face!Bunny also took a rather lovely photo of the garden - he likes taking photos of still life. He's good at it too!Helloooo tomatooooooo...

1 comment:

Donald said...

ahem, they are "puddies", not "puppies" :P

do you remember where the nicknames "bunny" and "kitty" came from? ;)

thanks for the photo shout-outs! :D