Sunday, February 27, 2011

Starting all over...

So up until 3 months ago, my life had a rather routine nature about it. You knew at 11pm, no matter what night of the week, I was asleep. You knew at 8am I was awake and not happy about it.
This was our Before Baby Routine:

Nash Routine

Then Baby Logan came around and rocked our world. There has not been much of a routine since then, but lately we kind of fell into one...

7am: Lee is up getting ready for work. I am up starting a bottle for Logan. Dogs are throwing a fit until someone feeds them.

8:30am: Logan is sleepy again and is in his swing. I am eating cereal, drinking coffee, and watching DVR (or Gilmore Girls until a few weeks ago)

11am: Logan is hungry again and I am thinking about if we need to get out and about...

1:30pm: Feed Logan again and start getting ready for our daily walk.

2:00pm: Head over to walk with Tiffanie and P.

6:00pm: Start gathering together everything to get our night time with Logan wound down. Lee is usually home by now.

6:30pm: Bathe and feed Logan.

7:00pm: Swaddle Logan and get him to sleep (this is getting easier and easier). Start or finish up making dinner.

10:00pm: Wake Logan up and feed him again. Re-swaddle and back to sleep.

10:30pm: Get ready for bed and snuggle up with Lee and the pups.

At this point, Logan sleeps through the night 9 times out of 10. If not I am up maybe around 4 or 5 and he eats a little bit and passes back out. I try and just give him a pacifier to keep him off so that he doesn't keep expecting that middle of the night food. It seems to have worked as I haven't gotten up in a week. Granted, I am still awake off and on because babies are not quiet sleepers and I have that odd Mom thing where I wake up and make sure he is breathing.

So... I like to know what to expect. on Tuesday I feel like I am starting all over again. I go back to work and Logan starts daycare and I am seriously have a freak out over it. New clothes, fancy labels, and fun snacks for my desk are only masking the severe sadness I am feeling about leaving him during the day. I know that after the first week it will feel normal (you know... routine?...) but the unexpected is killing me. We JUST got to this happy place where he is fun and easy and you can pretty much tell what he wants and when he is going to want it. And now we are tumping over the bucket of marbles and starting to put them all back in again.

Things I will miss the most:

#1? Our walks with Tiffanie and P. Seriously, not only am I getting exercise and letting him get a little sunshine and fresh air, but I get friend time with Tiff and we can swap baby stories. It's the time of day I look forward to the most. (Besides Lee coming home)

Otherwise I am going to miss holding him during an entire nap because she is so snuggly. I am going to miss going shopping during times when most people are at work.
I am going to miss having all day to just love on him and do tummy time and sit him in the Bumbo:We will have to just see how it goes...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chatty Boy!

Logan was telling his Daddy a very important story this morning!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Actually Bored for once...

Logan is snoozing away on his Boppy Lounger next to me on the couch and has been asleep since 7pm..
I have spent the last 2 hours messing around on the internet, forgetting to eat dinner, and half watching American Idol in the background because it's all that is on.
I looked and March will mark the 3 year mark of this blog.
I wanted to share the first post - which makes me laugh because I still vividly remember the day this happened to me:

March 2008 First Post

Then I wanted to share one of my favorite posts, which was when I was pregnant and realized there was a perk to that big belly:

My Favorite Post

Lee will be home around 1am. Logan eats in about an hour and then is down for the night (woohoo!). He still stirs a little around 5am but a pacifier usually keeps him happy until 7... so for now I guess this guy sleeps through the night eh?

Just in time for me to go back to work.


Yesterday I drove to Palestine and back. I really don't like making that trip, 6 hours total, but my mom wanted to see my grandparents and she loves to show off Logan.
Ok so do I.

Anyway - Gigi couldn't wait to hold him. I came in the room to find him passed out like this:OMG how is he this big? How is he already 3 months next week?
How can such a little guy rip such a loud toot? (he just did that in his sleep) and also burp like a truckdriver?

Also - i heart that outfit and bought one in the next size up as well..

Tomorrow... tomorrow is stroller day. Super excited!

Today's dose of super cuteness

Brought to you by Logan in his sleeveless romper:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Preparing Myself

Since I know I have to drop Logan off at daycare on Tuesday next week, I am trying to prepare myself the best way I know how...

Spending money.

Today I ordered him some labels for his bottles. I didn't want to stick an address label on them (like my grandmother does all her tupperware and glass dishes...) or write on them with Sharpie (as it rubs off and looks ghetto..) so I ordered these:
They are rubber labels from

I was peeved they were out of Orange so I got "Ocean Blue" instead. I like that these will move on to his sippy cups in the future. I also ordered a package of stickers with his name for stuff like his carseat, medicine, etc... anything that may need a sticky on it. That way it is easy to keep his stuff together at daycare.

Can I go cry now?

Wants & Needs @ 3 Months Old

Every single day I am amazed at how much Logan is changing. He is just growing and growing and seems to learn something new every day!

As he grows and changes I start to notice things I need/want to make our lives easier. My #1 obsession right now is the stroller. We have this one now:
While this is a nice enough stroller, I pretty much hate it. It's bulky and heavy. It takes 2 hands to unfold (not cool people!) It's very hard to navigate in stores.
Along the way I had registered for this stroller, just on a whim for ease or "extra."Honestly, I love this little thing. Little being the main reason. It's super easy to navigate through places, light as a feather, easy to fold/unfold, and the basket holds mucho shopping. The only problem is that is doesn't later operate as a stroller when he is not in his carseat. For now, though, this is what I take with me when I am going out and about.

But on Friday, peeps, I am going straight to Right Start when our tax return arrives in our checking account to get this:
The City Mini. Hellooooo Loverrrrrrr.
Feather light, super easy to fold/unfold, and navigates like a dream. You can purchase a bar to use with the carseat as well. Tiffanie has this stroller, as well as my boss, and I have heard nothing but great things about it.
You know you are a mom when you are eligible to upgrade to the newest iPhone and choose to spend the money on a stroller instead.

As my little man grows, I am aware that the next size up in clothes is approaching fast. Also, the weather has abruptly changed from cold to friggin warm. Not good for little man since he mainly has long sleeved onsies and pants. Saturday we went out to the outlets and got Logan no fewer than 28 new outfits at Carters... mainly 1-piece "rompers" like this:What I love about these are that it's one piece so it's easy to dress him, they are a little more coverage than just a onesie but still short since it's so hot. He also looks adorable in them!

I have mentioned a few times that he is growing... check this out:My little man is chunking up! He is 11 weeks old this week and just smiles and coo's and is so alert and happy.

Yesterday, I took him for a walk and decided to try taking the dogs too. After about 3 houses far I realized walking 2 dogs and pushing a stroller was NOT happening. So I found an alternative for Lola:

Then I had to wrangle Teddy but I eventually got him to walk nicely beside me. Hopefully a few more walks and Teddy gets the hang of it.(Teddy was not tied to the stroller when we were walking, only for the photo)

I hope Lola fits in the basket of the new stroller!

Wednesday we are heading to Palestine so Logan can get in one more visit before I go back to work next week. I am sure there will be tons of photos!
I have to remember to help my grandma get the photos from the last visit off her camera. Or else, I will never see them!

Monday, February 14, 2011

10 week old...

Seriously he is growing so fast! I go back to work in 2 weeks!!

I don't know how I will leave this little face...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The countdown begins...

And so here it is.... less than a full month until I go back to work.

I really don't know what to think about it. In some ways I am excited because I will be out of the house, going out to lunch, interacting with adults again. But in other ways I am dreading it. Logan and I have found a little rhythm in our routine. We have our little nest here with the dogs and the TV and the bottles...

I am also dreading the evil daycare germs. I don't want him to start getting colds and fevers. ESPECIALLY since you can't give babies real medicine. If they get stuffy noses you just squirt saline up there and hope it drains. Otherwise, it's just baby Tylenol for fever.

AND this means Lee and I will be sick. Neither one of us is a nice person when we are sick.

My boss told me just to tell her how I want to go about things... part time? Full time?
Honestly, we need the money which is about the only reason I am going to just go on full time right out of the gate. But maybe if things with Lee's job change I can cut back a little. Maybe do 4 days a week or something. We'll see.

Or I may just love love love going back to work and being my own person in the day and then being a mommy and wife at night.

Where's that damn magic 8 ball?

Friday, February 4, 2011

The day the computer died...

We have 3 computers in our house.

We have a nice fancy iMac in the guest room that is used for pictures and music mainly. Then we have a Sony Viao laptop in the living room that is really for internet surfing. Last we have a 6 or 7 year old iBook G4 that is slow so when we got the Sony (from Donald) I retired it to a cabinet because I couldn't bring myself to throw it out.

Last weekend, Lee was sitting on the couch with his coffee and the Sony when Lola decided she needed to be in his lap. She caused him to dump his entire giant mug of coffee on the laptop and it is fried.


Ok fine, we will survive with just the iMac in the other room and maybe get an iPad when the new ones come out in a month or so. I mean we really just surf the internet in here anyway, right?

Fast forward to my second day home alone after the coffee disaster. I can't really chill in the other room and surf the net while the baby is asleep in the living room. Just doesn't feel right to me.

Oh yeah! the iBook!

I pulled it out, charged it up, and proceeded to delete every single program off it that isn't needed to play online. It's actually a lot faster now and lets me read the blogs I like, play on Facebook, and order things on Amazon.

Now - do we still get an iPad in a few months? Or another inexpensive laptop?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

Today, when I woke up it was 23 degrees outside. Right now it's maybe 35. For me, and most of Texas, that's super freakin cold!

The dogs are upset that they can't go out as much.. especially Teddy who just sits and stares:Lola, however, takes the same approach I do...
Today Logan had his 2 month check up... he is 11 pounds, 13 ounces and 22.5" long. He is now in the 50% for weight and height, and 60% for his head (16" diameter). He took those shots like a CHAMP. He cried and turned red for a minute but once I was allowed to pick him up he simmered down to a whimper. He has been sleeping in his swing (aka the safe spot while I do things around the house) since 11.

Since he is sleeping today, I am getting things done! Mainly, the big frame I ordered from Pottery Barn came in that I have been waiting on. So I got busy filling it with the photos from my pregnancy and his newborn shoot:

I mean how cute it this?

And this?!

And THIS?!!
I also have this above the couch on the shelf:
It's crazy because he so incredibly different now!

I still have 3 photos left to frame - one for my desk and 2 other pregnancy ones, probably to put in our bedroom on the dresser, or in his room.

Now I just have to hope rolling black outs don't interrupt my Gilmore'ing.