Thursday, February 24, 2011

Actually Bored for once...

Logan is snoozing away on his Boppy Lounger next to me on the couch and has been asleep since 7pm..
I have spent the last 2 hours messing around on the internet, forgetting to eat dinner, and half watching American Idol in the background because it's all that is on.
I looked and March will mark the 3 year mark of this blog.
I wanted to share the first post - which makes me laugh because I still vividly remember the day this happened to me:

March 2008 First Post

Then I wanted to share one of my favorite posts, which was when I was pregnant and realized there was a perk to that big belly:

My Favorite Post

Lee will be home around 1am. Logan eats in about an hour and then is down for the night (woohoo!). He still stirs a little around 5am but a pacifier usually keeps him happy until 7... so for now I guess this guy sleeps through the night eh?

Just in time for me to go back to work.


Yesterday I drove to Palestine and back. I really don't like making that trip, 6 hours total, but my mom wanted to see my grandparents and she loves to show off Logan.
Ok so do I.

Anyway - Gigi couldn't wait to hold him. I came in the room to find him passed out like this:OMG how is he this big? How is he already 3 months next week?
How can such a little guy rip such a loud toot? (he just did that in his sleep) and also burp like a truckdriver?

Also - i heart that outfit and bought one in the next size up as well..

Tomorrow... tomorrow is stroller day. Super excited!

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