Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things have changed!

I found this old post on MySpace about a bad day I was having at work and I laughed at how miserable i remember being that day:

Signs you are having a bad day...

  1. You don't get a lunch break because you have to cover the Receptionist desk and have too much work to do
  2. You get ignored at the weekly Office Meeting
  3. The entire hem of your skirt falls out, too early for you to go home, so you have to wear your skirt that way for the remainder of the day
  4. You got so annoyed by people commenting on how good your candle smelled and they thought it was food, you blew it out and put it in the drawer
  5. You search your desk for razor blades..
WOW! I found the wonders of hemming tape and that skirt is still my favorite. That candle was like $1 at Walgreens while I was waiting on a prescription. I wish I could still burn candles at work, that was a nice touch. I may get a flameless one or something.
I don't even work at that place anymore and I can't believe how unhappy it made me each and every day...

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