Friday, March 28, 2008

Margaritaville, getting close

I had officially had the best margarita so far in my life at Goode Company Seafood. As well, I had grilled shrimp and rainbow trout that was phenomenal! I am so excited I just had to post about it!
This weekend we are slightly busy. We have to take Lee's fish to get mounted at a taxidermist. Yes... that is correct. Lee caught a 7 pound, 22 inch long bass in Palestine this weekend. So he wants it mounted. I do ask, as an Interior Designer, how do I tastefully hang this? Well, it will go in the study along with fraternity/sorority paddles and other things that aren't decorating-ly pretty! This is Lee and my papa, and the fish of course!
We may head into Rudy's BBQ for lunch. You Austin people will know what I am talking about!

Afterwards we will be at Diedra's birthday party. You can read about the menu at:
Deidra is the one on the right, and Jennifer (who I refer to as Massey) is the one with the boobs!

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