Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I don't have a resume...

Today was a crazy fun but wholly exhausting day. My company went to Nacogdoches, TX today to recruit at Stephen F Austin State University - where I graduated from. We have a very very strong Interior Design program. Alyse (Boss 1) and Mike (Boss 2) were getting many candidates from University of Houston, but they weren't very strong and had a slow learning curve. Hence, the program was shut down. Alyse actually told my teacher that she has worked with other SFA grads and they are always very technically adept. Not that I am a bragger, but I am extremely technical (which is something you either are or aren't to begin with) and I learn faster than most people I know. Alyse told me one day "Man! You can bang some s*** out!" Heh! That made me feel great.
Anyway, back to today. We get there on time, which is unheard of when you have Mike and Alyse. We spoke to the senior class for 45 minutes and then started interviews in 15 min increments. The 11:45 chick didn't show so we went to lunch where Lee and I got engaged, Auntie Pasta's. YUM. Got back and banged out like 9 interviews in 3 hours. Out of all of it, we have 4 candidates (of 13) that we are looking at.
Some girls were surprises. We had one that when we said "What are your personal interests" she said "Well, I am a preacher's wife so I guess that is my main thing, being active in the church." Allllrighty then. We had concerns that she wouldn't want to re-located to big ole H town if her husband was a preacher in a church there. THAT IS NOT WHY WE AREN'T CONSIDERING HER, we just had 4 others that really fit what we were looking for.
Another one that was interesting was a Real Estate Agent girl (young too..) and she mentioned that one of her strengths was she doesn't get stressed out. She goes on to tell us that maybe she does but she doesn't notice until she gets indigestion and is then like "What is going on?"
Last, but most interesting, was the 11:45 one that came in at 3 (we had our bags on our shoulders, ready to book it back to Houston!) Here are 3 things right away that made me want to say "Nevermind!!"
  • "Work shorts"
  • Clubbing shirt
  • No resume
Ok. So she sits down and tells Mike "well I heard you aren't actually hiring." From who? The bitchy chick in class you stole a design from? Whatever! You still dress right and bring a darn resume!
See, I get on my soap box about young professional women. First of all, being young and fresh, you have to earn respect. You earn strikes for dressing like you are going straight to the club after work and letting me get an idea of your cup size from your shirt being so low cut. You have to work really hard in the beginning to be taken seriously. This chick will learn the hard way I guess.
So she never really answered a question. "What are your strengths?" She avoided that and talked about some job that made her stronger in one area of design this summer. No, that isn't what I meant!
All in all we are excited the trip went so well. We all cracked up in the car there and back and had a great time.
I got up at 5:15am. That is the worst thing ever. I am a 7am and still mad person. I need coffee and about 2 hours of being left alone to get into the groove.
And now I am about to get on the couch with my loveable, huggable schnauzers and sleep.

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