Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2007 happened fast...2008 faster?

Many things...

[January] - Dad turned 50! I started a new job at Amegy Bank in HR.
[February] - Luther gone 1 year at the bridge... Valentines day was sushi and Chocolate Bar with friends.
[March] - I finally met Massey and found a great new friend.
[April] - We celebrated 2nd wedding anniversary and then Donald turned 28.
[May] Lola graduated doggie school! Went to Bermuda (free) as part of BMC "Club" because Lee rocks at his job. Mom turned 47.
[June] - Teddy came home to us and hasn't stopped growing since. Mini Cooper!!
[July] - Monday Night Dinner started and has rarely been missed. Parties at Massey's started (for us!).
[August] - Audrea got married, and pregnant! Lilly is 5!
[Septmember] - Vacation to Virgin Islands (and almost canceled b/c of weather but ended up perfect!) Primetime tv mania begins and the DVR never stops.
[October] - Another new job at AMB Architects, but now I am doing what I love and loving it so much. I turned 27.
[November] - Within days Lee turns 28, car get stolen, and I "grew" in the front ;). Thanksgiving Queer made his appearance. The car gets found (damn!) Massey and I go on a shopping extravaganza.
[December] - Lola is 2! Christmas lunch was crazy with no dishwasher, but we made it through.

2008 is only 3 months through and already things have changed! The kitchen will start in a few weeks, Teddy will turn 1, and we will have been married for 3 years, together for 6! Live keeps giving and we keep eating it up.

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The Riddle Family said...

Isn't it scary how the years keep going by faster and faster? I can hardly believe that it's almost already April! But at least the last year was really good to you - lets pray that they only keep getting better!!!