Thursday, March 27, 2008

Music and Misc happenings

I am completely addicted to Sara Bareilles's CD - "Little Voice." I like every song and listen to it almost every day.
And sometimes when I feel like rocking out, I listen to Led Zeppelin, Black Crowes, or Joe Walsh. Of course my all time favorite is Jimmy Buffett, but you have to branch out a little!
I am so ready to go home today. I need to go by and get Lola's new food at the vet, and then PetCo to get this fabulous shampoo my friend Sara recommended that is natural and good for them. Also because of her suggesstion, I ordered a bunch of Meyer cleaning products to use in the house. They are all natural and will be better for us and the pups.
I hate that Lola has to be on Science Diet, but if this is all that works then we will deal with it for now. If she responds well to it, I may dig around and see what else I can find that is more natural and less processed. I mean, not a single ingredient in her new food is natural. Ick.
Tonight we have dinner at Jimmy and Donald's. I made some brownies last night that are low fat so I hope they are good. If not, oh well! At least I now have an awesome new food processor! This was the 4th recipe I have needed one for and so I finally got one. It wasn't expensive so if i only use it a little it won't be a big deal. My little Mini-Prep just wasn't cutting it.

The kitchen is stressing us out. Bank of America is really asking for alot of crap. Lowe's is being slow to comply, so this is just a cluster. As long as the kitchen is ready for the cabinets on April 21, that's fine.

Arg, back to work!

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