Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday's are for shopping!

The Nash's decided to spend a little money today. We had brunch/lunch with friends and then stopped into Williams Sonoma. I got a soap and lotion pair in Olive Oil and Coriander (mmmm!).

Then we went to the Galleria and Lee got Guitar Hero for the Wii and I got Civilization IV for the Mac. So today we will be in separate rooms playing! Then on to Petco where I got shampoo (Earthbath Mango Tango), chewies, and a new cat collar for Lilly.
I had to put the sheets and duvet in the washer because Lola and Teddy bring all kinds of outside goodies in for us and they end up in the sheets! Along with chewies and even a rope toy this time! Then they will get baths before they are allowed back in the bed. Ahhh... ONE night of clean sheets and dogs!

Our Menu this week:
Sunday: Fettucini (fresh) with simple meat and tomato sauce. Donald and Jimmy will be over.
Monday: Classic Stir Fry. Donald will be over.
Tuesday: Lee's night out. I will make taco salad from's recipe! 230 calories!
Wednesday: Sautee'd chicken and veggie orzo.
Thursday: Our night to go to Jimmy and Donald's.
Friday: Eat OUT!!!

Jennifer's party for Diedra was a great time last night. They made some drink that was so bad it was good made with beer, lemonade and vodka! BLEGH! but there was something about it and it was cold so... i had one!

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