Friday, March 28, 2008


Ok so a few days ago, my (starting to be really good friend) Sara sent me a link as an "oh-yeah, thought you may like this" email. So I clicked on it at work (i know) and now.. i can't get off of it! I am printing recipe's (under Chew This) and looking at articles and have a great time!
They had a great article comparing "alike" foods like Lean Cuisine's Panini's and Healthy Choice Panini's. Also, they did a run down on 10 best frozen meals and suggested Smart One's MacNCheese as a great one. Sweet! I miss MacNCheese and now I know I can keep that around in the freezer and indulge now and then.
Besides that, my favorite thing is listening to Radio Margaritaville at work. I get this constant feeling of being on vacation (it would be nice if the clouds would go away!). Here is a view from my office, so imagine on sunny days how the music and pretty weather would be! (please excuse my mess):
So that is my view. In the mornings I have to lower the blinds because the sun is terrible! You can't tell but when I am actually pulled up to the desk, there are tress down to the right of that apartment building. I have a pretty good view compared to those to the left of me. They get like 100% parking garage. I can actually see my car right now!

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The Riddle Family said...

Oh my gosh, you have an AMAZING view, you are so lucky! I love the framed photo of your babies - that's a must!!!