Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10 for Tuesday

Taking a quick stress-relief moment to blog. I need it...

Stolen from Sabrina

1. What television character do you identify with?
100% (maybe 110%) Monica from Friends. I clean when i am stressed and everything! or Charlotte from Sex and the City.

2. Describe your morning routine. I have done that, including the whole day! My Day

3. How do you do lunch? I used to be good and bring lunch, usually a Lean Pocket or something. Now I usually run out with work peeps or friends for lunch, or sometimes it is brought in by a rep or we are taken out by a rep.

4. What is one moment that, although seemingly trivial at the time, changed your life? There are so many. But, my Dad getting remarried...

5. Name your top three beauty products. 1. Clinique makeup. 2. Neutrogena shampoo. 3. coconut oil rather than body lotion. Try it after a hot shower. You'll never look back.

6. What do you do when you’re alone in the car? Sing along to the radio.

7. What is the ideal city for you to live in? I love it here, but it seems like Lee and I belong in Connecticut or something (minus the snow..).

8. Are you waiting for something? I am waiting on something NOT to show up...

9. What was the last shocking news you heard? My dad might have to adopt my step-niece because of healthcare restrictions. It's a long story..

10. What are three things you wouldn’t do for a million dollars? Anything dishonest. Then you don't deserve it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Teddy hates treadmills...

Or maybe it's my shrill voice? I had no idea I sound like this. My poor kid will cry all the time if i don't immediately take speech therapy classes to fix this.
And i also didn't know my twang came out when I baby talked to the pups.
So just focus on my sweet boy telling me about how he hates the treadmill and wants me to get off and play!
(or feed him?)

Spending Time in the Sunshine

We had a glorious weekend in the sunshine this weekend. Sunday, we woke up, had breakfast, then watched a movie (The Informant!). It was pretty good and gave us a chance to wake up a little.
After that, we hopped on our bikes and rode to the grocery store. This is my least favorite one in the area, mainly because it is always super crowded and the quality of food isn't that great. But, since we wanted to ride bikes, that is what we had to do.
The interesting thing about riding bikes for groceries is that it made me really think about what to cook for the week and how to fit it into basically 2 sacks. I dug through the pantry while making my list and only put down things we really needed to make it through this week.
Not only did it keep me on track while shopping, we saved money! Couldn't buy wine, couldn't just buy extra things because I wanted them... so my bill was at least 1/2 of what it was last week. Plus, Lee smoked 2 chickens on the grill and there is a whole chicken left to pull apart this week and use in salads and stuff.
Lee snapped my photo when we got home from the grocery store. I am looking a little pale and chubby, but I have a sunburn after spending the rest of the day outside!
Downside - This was HEAVY to handle on the way home!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Palestine for the day

Yesterday I hopped in my new ride and drove 2 hours and 45 minutes to Palestine for one reason and one reason only:

To see my Grandma!

I love my grandma. She is funny, sweet, and gorgeous. We never stopped talking and moving from the minute I got there until the minute I left (5 hours later).
In fact I drove more than I was actually there!

But it was worth it! We did a ton of stuff that day.

1. Bealls. Needed a black sweater jacket. Success!

2. 'Penny's. (JC Penny's). Needed flip flops.. Success!

3. Sherwin Williams. Needed paint swatches. Success! (note, i usually have them in my car but they haven't made it back since I switched.)4. Little Mexico! They had a bad fire about a year ago and now are back open. I needed my cheese enchilada fix. Success!

5. Furniture store and Office Depot - helping grandma with selecting some furniture. They didnt have anything like what she is looking at in Tyler. We moved on!

6. Art. Success! Grandma is now the proud owner of this Thomas Kinade painting:I LOVE this! Wine vines, big house, balloons in the background, and doggies on the porch!
This is going in her new office once the furniture comes in.
I also bought some wine that is made right there in Palestine at the Art Depot.
Granny Muffin.How could I resist wine with this label:We had a little tasting. My grandma was looking super cute in her black pants!I bought 2 wines: Luna Bianca (like a chardonnay but was not acidic) and a Cabernet. We will see what Lee thinks!

You can visit the site here: Granny Muffin

It was a successful and wonderful day and I am so glad I made the trip. I saw my Papa too, but this trip was all about Grandma. I now feel re-centered!

Tommy Bahama Cafe

Yummm Tommy Bahama Cafe.

We went to turn in the Mini today in The Woodlands. And since this is normally referred to as "South Dallas," we made the most of this trek and stopped to eat at one of our favorite places. The first time we ate at one was in Hawaii. We were very surprised by the quality of food since this was a restaurant off a clothing store. I really live their Mama Bahama Chicken Sandwich.
Here was our view...

It was sunny and breezy and perfect.
Then we went home and laid in the hammock in the sunshine.


Teddy cheers for his food!

EVERY morning...

And now... for treats as well.
He is just the best little guy!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Man All Car Salesmen Fear...

Is my husband...
Yesterday, after 4 hours of fighting negotiating at the dealership, I drove home my new ride.
What happened that we weren't expecting?
Free navigation system!
The dealership screwed up and when having a car from another place sent over to us, it had the tech package on it rather than being a base model. By the time this was all found out, we had already signed papers.
Oops on them!
Name your price for Lee to come along with you when you purchase your next vehicle! He will get you a hell of a deal.

Sunny Pets

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Battle of the Sexes

So around here, we try and keep it pretty even.

We try to spend the same on christmas and birthday presents.

We try to spend the same amount on clothes.

And we try to spend the same on gadgets and gizmos.

So this weekend when Lee had to get a new receiver for the entertainment system...

I ran out and got..
a treadmill!
everyone wins, right?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring is here, Dammit!

So about a year ago, Donald and I tackled the flower box's in the front yard.
Then, this winter, it snowed and un-did all that hard work.

So today, I was determined to make spring appear in my yard! I dug all that up, pulled up everything in the flower box on the porch, AND hacked down some shrubs in the back yard.
Then I hobbled through the house and took a 30 minute shower!
I hate this bush thing. It was a tree, then the neighbor on the other side of
the fence, who apparently hates nature, made us cut it down so she could put up that fence. Now it grows this little shrub thing around it and I hack it down when I get tired of it. I also chopped down all that dead jasmine on the metal gate to the left.
This pink thing gets really wild looking, so I go after it sometimes to make it look a little more uniform. We won't even mention the rose bush to the right. Tea roses, and I am terrible at pruning it. So It looks like crap.

After seeing this, I think I understand that term "has to get worse before it gets better." At this point, I had hacked all the ivy down from the pillars (that I hate), dug up the dead ferns (see the one bottom left?), planted the impatiens in hanging baskets, and dug up all the crap under our bedroom window that had died.
These are "asparagus ferns." They are called a mounding annual. The photo made it look like they will get nice and big. I just wanted the front of the house to have a nice green look. I kill flowers too easily. And there aren't many that like full shade.
Now our trash can outside is full of all that crap that was in the yard, so we better be a little less wasteful this week!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Typical Nash Day

Lee and I are...predictable. This isn't really a bad thing, in fact it is comforting at times. After almost 8 full years together (Spring Break!), we know what the other is thinking. We can even say it before the other person can.

Anyway, being that we are so in tune, things around here are still not a well oiled machine.
I hate laundry.
I mean I really hate it.

Here is a typical day:

6:30am: Alarm goes off. Lee's blackberry plays "3 Little Birds" by Bob Marley. It gets about 3 seconds in and he snoozes it.
6:40am: snooze
6:50am: snooze. Mumble "ok one more time"
(then I either lay awake with my eyes squeezed shut or...)
7:00am: alarm goes off and I wake up like you threw water in my face.
7:01am: Lee starts his routine of "get up. come on. get up." until I get irritated and finally stomp to the bathroom. I am NOT happy in the mornings.
7:15am: out of the shower, starting the "make me pretty" routine at the sink, Lee has fed the dogs and is getting into the shower.
We have one bathroom. We have to deal.
7:30am: done getting ready, head to the kitchen to start coffee. Then stare in the dark closet and dream up something that won't get me arrested by the fashion police.
7:40am: "Lee! we are running late!"
7:44am: Guilt starts about leaving the dogs. I give them a Dentastick and sometimes a rawhide stick.
7:45am: Coffee is poured into mugs, shoes are on, dogs are chewing happily on guilt-chews..
7:46am: kiss in the driveway (and always wonder what neighbor watches?). Once, we forgot this step. Lee called me and I honestly cried because we didn't kiss and hug goodbye.
7:48am: Out of the driveway, putting on chapstick and hand lotion
7:55am: sitting in traffic pissed.
8:05am: sitting in traffic pissed
8:10-8:15am: at my desk.. This is when I either eat something (granola and yogurt) or just guzzle coffee. I open these things in order:


While my computer figures this out, I chat with coworkers who trickle in after me. "How was your night?" etc.

Firefox open, Trillion signed in, and important emails answered, I open these sites:

Blogger Dashboard (allows me to see blogs that people have updated)
Pioneer Woman
Television Without Pity
Radio Margaritaville

Sip coffee, alternate between these sites, then start getting my brain wrapped around my to do list.
You might be asking yourself how I feel about surfing the net when I get to work - which is typically a no no. At our office, if you get your work done, on time, no issues, then you kind of have free reign. I walk into my boss's office and she is playing Farmville on Facebook saying "oh man! My crop went bad!" I am happy to work for a place that is laid back and believes in work-life balance. Also, I get all this reading out of my way (until the after-lunch-coma) and then I focus.
Also - not a morning person. I need this time to be friendly enough to answer my phone.

10am: Hungry. Hmmmm what is for lunch?
10:45am: start asking what everyone else is doing for lunch. Staying in? (Lean Pockets!) or going out? (Cafe Express today maybe?)
11:15am: head out if going out, head to the breakroom if not.
12:30pm: after-food-coma. Re-open all the sites above, hoping for updates! Poor bloggers, have no idea I am pressuring them for 2-a-day posts for my entertainment!

4:00pm: start thinking about going home. Lee and I more than likely have IM'd at this point about dinner and "when are you headed home?"
4:30pm: mentally check out
4:45pm: leave work.

Yes, I arrive a little after 8, and I leave a little before 5. However, I don't always take a lunch, which balances this out. If I am working on something that is super time consuming, I stay and work on it. Since I work on lots of little things at once, I sometimes have the liberty to let things float to the next morning.

4:50pm: sit in traffic pissed, and also on the phone with my mom. I call her every day on my way home from work, which is about the only time I have..
5:15pm: pull in the driveway.
5:16pm: open the door - hear dogs and the alarm. Poor Mom.
Change into yoga pants and t-shirt. Check mail. Still on the phone
Start laundry, empty dishwasher, etc.
6:00pm: my mom tells me "I know you have your phone on your shoulder so I am going to let you go so you can get everything done!"
6:01pm: start dinner. Sometimes this means chopping and getting ready to start dinner - on nights when it's a quick one like stirfry.
6:15 - 6:30: Lee gets home. Repeat dog noises from earlier.
6:30 - 7pm: dinner is served. We try and eat with the TV off but since I normally have it on in the 15 - 30 minutes of alone time, it usually is on but turned down or we are watching DVR.
7:00pm - 9:30pm: TV junkies.
9:30pm: Living room shut down, dogs outside (for the bazillionth time), teeth brushing, water glasses, cat hearding.
9:45pm: Bedroom tv comes on (see? junkies!)
10:15 - 10:45pm: watch tv. Then Lee falls asleep, I find the remote in the covers, turn it off, and roll over.
Sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I lay there and play on my phone and think about stuff that bothers me. I hate these nights!

And then it starts all over...

The interruptions in this schedule include:
Dinner at someone else's house
Mondays: Insert Donald into the 6:30pm - 9:30pm happenings. Monday is Bunny night.
I am in a bad mood, Lee happens to IM me with his ESP and says "how about Tia's tonight?" and I kiss my computer screen.
Lee has a work thing
I have a work thing (rare. i am selfish)

it is now 9:31pm. Time to start the shut down and move on into the bedroom.
Lee is playing PS3. I didn't put that in the schedule.
Because I am in denial.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today we ventured out to see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3-D.
It's awesome.

Right when we walk in, Lee has to pee. While I wait on him, I am looking around noticing the crazy way this theatre is designed.
For instance - they are proud of the entry into the IMAX:
That's pretty snazzy like you have ARRIVED!
But then something else caught my attention while I waited. (poor guy, had 2 cups of coffee or so at breakfast).
Someone dreamed up this idea to paint some murals with celebrities doing curious things.
First example:
I immediately wonder a few things about poor Gwyneth here.
Is she afraid of the giant lion next to her?
What is she thinking about? Perhaps that she is right outside the men's room door and wishes for air freshener all day.
What is she wearing?

On the other side of the entry to that theatre, we have Liv Tyler.
She looks even more annoyed. Perhaps her and Gwyneth are chatting?
"Hey Gwyn. What the hell? This lion has gas or something?"
"No no, Liv. It's the men's room. That is what happens when you eat the strange little pizza's and hot dogs around here."

Saturday, March 6, 2010


We are car shopping these days, mainly in traffic it's a "Do you like that car?" Or an IM "What about this one?"

There are a few facts we are keeping in mind as we shop.
  • My lease is up in May on the Mini
  • The Mini is SMALL
  • It gets smaller each day
  • We are in Operation Baby Nash
  • Being that the Mini is small, I have that cabin fever effect and want the exact opposite
  • But I don't want to be That Woman that Can't Drive a Large Vehicle
  • So let's keep it simple shall we?
I don't want a "crossover." I.e. - BMW X3 (let's pretend we can even afford one) size. I thought I did but I don't want to regret it.
I don't want a Suburban or Tahoe. Tahoe's are on my list of cars I immediately yell at in traffic. The list includes, but not necessarily is limited to:
  • Mini Vans
  • Mini Vans
  • Mini Vans
  • Gold Buicks
  • Mini Vans
  • Tahoe's
  • Any car with a 102.9 sticker (offensive, sorry. but true. sorry again.)
So we are pretty interested in the following vehicles.
#1. Acura RDX. Lee loves his TL (more than me. let's face it). The customer service is off the charts. And it is fast.

(image source so I don't get into trouble: stolen off the internet via Google Images. It really isnt worth suing me, I promise.)
Pro's: Pretty! Fast! Shiney! Fancy!
Cons: 'Spensive. Must go used, which is not always a bad thing, and then are subject to just whatever is out there. Also, actually in love with RDX's big brother, MDX, but that is even more out of our price range.

#2. Chevy Equinox
I really like the new body style and this seems the roomiest of the mid-size SUV's.
Pro's: roomy. good price range
Cons: The "american car" thing where you just assume it will be in t
he shop alot. Must buy new (body style and warranty because if the fear of breakage).

#3. GMC Terrain.
This one is brand new this year. So obviously, we would have to buy new (slight con). Again, the "american car" issue.
Like the roomyness it advertises. Not sure if it will look this boxy in person? Seems a little manly no?

Ruled out:
Toyota 4Runner (more because of the shadyness of the company, not as much the recalls)
BMX X3 (price and smallish)
Lexus RX (even used is freakin expensive. this will be my dream car)

We have until mid May to make a decision so we have plenty of time to research and test drive.

Opinions? I know only about 4 people read this but hey, I'll put it out there with some hopes...

Friday, March 5, 2010


When I am bored enough, or just have time to sit and do nothing.. I tend to stumble upon blogs.
First - I am a recent member to TheBump.com, by the same people that got me through our wedding, TheKnot.com. They also have TheNest.com - for newlyweds and such.
So - while playing around on Nest, I find a blog that is just ok. BUT - there was a link to this chick - Confessions of a Young Married Couple. they have a 9 month old, she makes me laugh, and I am hooked.

Add this to the list of other sites I visit daily.

THE Project

If you follow me on facebook, you have seen me complain about "high maintenance client" alot over the last 2 or 3 months. What should have been a wiz-bang job, has now taken over 4 months since the construction began (not the mention the over 2 months of planning before). I knew, during design and planning, that this guy was a character. I called him a "chest puffer" because he just acted like we were lucky to be in his presence. Whenever I met with him, he was on his Blackberry. I should have realized at that point, that he wasn't listening.

Also - he liked to say "Choose what you think will look the best."
You know, while that is flattering, it isn't a good practice when dealing with someone of this nature. Soon after I picked what I thought was best, construction started, and then we kept hearing about his "visions."
Oh hey, maybe if you had gotten off your damn phone while we were meeting, you could have shared these visions with me?
For example, we are currently fighting about lighting. See, he said "I will just bring some stuff in from storage and spruce up the office."
He MEANT "I will purchase oodles of art from High Fashion Home and then yell at you when you didn't put in art lighting! And i ain't paying to fix it, you are!"

Tip. Of. The. Iceburg.

Today, while waiting on a meeting to start, I went rogue and took some photos!

This is the Reception area with conference behind. We have custom wood veneer wrapped portals to set off the space on each side of the conference room. This is a custom built reception desk, with Dark Emperador marble tops. I love this marble, but I am pissed to see it everywhere now so that Suburb Mom #200,000 can have it in her kitchen.

If you are at the desk, this is part of the view towards the elevators. This is one of 2 custom designed book cases to match the desk and take advantage of the recessed area. This is one of about 10 TV's in the space. Dude love's his CNN I guess. Me? I would have one TV on HGTV and one on Food Network.
Can't win them all I guess.
This conference room is pretty awesome if you ask me. Herculite glass wall to the right, so that when you get off the elevator you can see all the way through to the outside.
The wood veneer wall covering is to emulate some existing be-a-utiful paneling in the lobby.
Him: I like the look of the paneling but I don't have the budget.
Me (and my boss): (thinking bullshit) ok well we can use this product that will have a warm wood feel without the cost of the custom paneling.
[pause while it is installed]
Him: this is atrocious! I don't know how many times i said that I wanted it to look EXACTLY like the lobby!
Boss: nope you said you liked that look and didn't have the budget and we showed you this and you agreed to it.
Once another designer came in and told him it looks great, he now agrees.

See that large painting? Well, those lights don't light it up properly. I know this. However, you said you were just going to stick something up there, not go buy an enormous piece of art and then yell at me when it isn't lit up like a gallery.

Even the core in the floor for power was in the "wrong spot" since he didn't like the way we placed the table. "I envisioned..."
*where's my wine?*

Custom bench built, again to look like the paneling. This bench - $9,000.
His response: Isn't this GREAT? It was MY idea and it looks GREAT!
Me: um.yeah. (i designed it butthead.)
But this, of all the things that were good and bad, is my favorite thing. A trading desk out in an open area. It is tech mixed with traditional and I love it. It is just about the ONLY THING that has been installed and he had NOTHING bad to say about it!

So, while we are still dealing with the lighting issues he has, this project is finally wrapping up.
I am tired of dreaming about it. Tired of yelling at contractors on the phone because they won't just FINISH the punch list (list of items still unfinished, like paint touch up, etc). These folks moved in right before Christmas... and the contractor is still being 100% bubba and not finished.

I love my job.
I love my job.
I love.
My job.