Saturday, March 27, 2010

Palestine for the day

Yesterday I hopped in my new ride and drove 2 hours and 45 minutes to Palestine for one reason and one reason only:

To see my Grandma!

I love my grandma. She is funny, sweet, and gorgeous. We never stopped talking and moving from the minute I got there until the minute I left (5 hours later).
In fact I drove more than I was actually there!

But it was worth it! We did a ton of stuff that day.

1. Bealls. Needed a black sweater jacket. Success!

2. 'Penny's. (JC Penny's). Needed flip flops.. Success!

3. Sherwin Williams. Needed paint swatches. Success! (note, i usually have them in my car but they haven't made it back since I switched.)4. Little Mexico! They had a bad fire about a year ago and now are back open. I needed my cheese enchilada fix. Success!

5. Furniture store and Office Depot - helping grandma with selecting some furniture. They didnt have anything like what she is looking at in Tyler. We moved on!

6. Art. Success! Grandma is now the proud owner of this Thomas Kinade painting:I LOVE this! Wine vines, big house, balloons in the background, and doggies on the porch!
This is going in her new office once the furniture comes in.
I also bought some wine that is made right there in Palestine at the Art Depot.
Granny Muffin.How could I resist wine with this label:We had a little tasting. My grandma was looking super cute in her black pants!I bought 2 wines: Luna Bianca (like a chardonnay but was not acidic) and a Cabernet. We will see what Lee thinks!

You can visit the site here: Granny Muffin

It was a successful and wonderful day and I am so glad I made the trip. I saw my Papa too, but this trip was all about Grandma. I now feel re-centered!

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