Monday, March 29, 2010

Spending Time in the Sunshine

We had a glorious weekend in the sunshine this weekend. Sunday, we woke up, had breakfast, then watched a movie (The Informant!). It was pretty good and gave us a chance to wake up a little.
After that, we hopped on our bikes and rode to the grocery store. This is my least favorite one in the area, mainly because it is always super crowded and the quality of food isn't that great. But, since we wanted to ride bikes, that is what we had to do.
The interesting thing about riding bikes for groceries is that it made me really think about what to cook for the week and how to fit it into basically 2 sacks. I dug through the pantry while making my list and only put down things we really needed to make it through this week.
Not only did it keep me on track while shopping, we saved money! Couldn't buy wine, couldn't just buy extra things because I wanted them... so my bill was at least 1/2 of what it was last week. Plus, Lee smoked 2 chickens on the grill and there is a whole chicken left to pull apart this week and use in salads and stuff.
Lee snapped my photo when we got home from the grocery store. I am looking a little pale and chubby, but I have a sunburn after spending the rest of the day outside!
Downside - This was HEAVY to handle on the way home!

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Tiffanie said...

look at you being all green and all. cute! btw, cookies you sent last night = yummy! i'm going to start sending Tony to your house every Sunday.