Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today we ventured out to see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3-D.
It's awesome.

Right when we walk in, Lee has to pee. While I wait on him, I am looking around noticing the crazy way this theatre is designed.
For instance - they are proud of the entry into the IMAX:
That's pretty snazzy like you have ARRIVED!
But then something else caught my attention while I waited. (poor guy, had 2 cups of coffee or so at breakfast).
Someone dreamed up this idea to paint some murals with celebrities doing curious things.
First example:
I immediately wonder a few things about poor Gwyneth here.
Is she afraid of the giant lion next to her?
What is she thinking about? Perhaps that she is right outside the men's room door and wishes for air freshener all day.
What is she wearing?

On the other side of the entry to that theatre, we have Liv Tyler.
She looks even more annoyed. Perhaps her and Gwyneth are chatting?
"Hey Gwyn. What the hell? This lion has gas or something?"
"No no, Liv. It's the men's room. That is what happens when you eat the strange little pizza's and hot dogs around here."

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Donald said...

Funny, I didn't see you do any drugs in the theater... ;P

Those murals are pretty weird though.