Monday, March 8, 2010

Typical Nash Day

Lee and I are...predictable. This isn't really a bad thing, in fact it is comforting at times. After almost 8 full years together (Spring Break!), we know what the other is thinking. We can even say it before the other person can.

Anyway, being that we are so in tune, things around here are still not a well oiled machine.
I hate laundry.
I mean I really hate it.

Here is a typical day:

6:30am: Alarm goes off. Lee's blackberry plays "3 Little Birds" by Bob Marley. It gets about 3 seconds in and he snoozes it.
6:40am: snooze
6:50am: snooze. Mumble "ok one more time"
(then I either lay awake with my eyes squeezed shut or...)
7:00am: alarm goes off and I wake up like you threw water in my face.
7:01am: Lee starts his routine of "get up. come on. get up." until I get irritated and finally stomp to the bathroom. I am NOT happy in the mornings.
7:15am: out of the shower, starting the "make me pretty" routine at the sink, Lee has fed the dogs and is getting into the shower.
We have one bathroom. We have to deal.
7:30am: done getting ready, head to the kitchen to start coffee. Then stare in the dark closet and dream up something that won't get me arrested by the fashion police.
7:40am: "Lee! we are running late!"
7:44am: Guilt starts about leaving the dogs. I give them a Dentastick and sometimes a rawhide stick.
7:45am: Coffee is poured into mugs, shoes are on, dogs are chewing happily on guilt-chews..
7:46am: kiss in the driveway (and always wonder what neighbor watches?). Once, we forgot this step. Lee called me and I honestly cried because we didn't kiss and hug goodbye.
7:48am: Out of the driveway, putting on chapstick and hand lotion
7:55am: sitting in traffic pissed.
8:05am: sitting in traffic pissed
8:10-8:15am: at my desk.. This is when I either eat something (granola and yogurt) or just guzzle coffee. I open these things in order:


While my computer figures this out, I chat with coworkers who trickle in after me. "How was your night?" etc.

Firefox open, Trillion signed in, and important emails answered, I open these sites:

Blogger Dashboard (allows me to see blogs that people have updated)
Pioneer Woman
Television Without Pity
Radio Margaritaville

Sip coffee, alternate between these sites, then start getting my brain wrapped around my to do list.
You might be asking yourself how I feel about surfing the net when I get to work - which is typically a no no. At our office, if you get your work done, on time, no issues, then you kind of have free reign. I walk into my boss's office and she is playing Farmville on Facebook saying "oh man! My crop went bad!" I am happy to work for a place that is laid back and believes in work-life balance. Also, I get all this reading out of my way (until the after-lunch-coma) and then I focus.
Also - not a morning person. I need this time to be friendly enough to answer my phone.

10am: Hungry. Hmmmm what is for lunch?
10:45am: start asking what everyone else is doing for lunch. Staying in? (Lean Pockets!) or going out? (Cafe Express today maybe?)
11:15am: head out if going out, head to the breakroom if not.
12:30pm: after-food-coma. Re-open all the sites above, hoping for updates! Poor bloggers, have no idea I am pressuring them for 2-a-day posts for my entertainment!

4:00pm: start thinking about going home. Lee and I more than likely have IM'd at this point about dinner and "when are you headed home?"
4:30pm: mentally check out
4:45pm: leave work.

Yes, I arrive a little after 8, and I leave a little before 5. However, I don't always take a lunch, which balances this out. If I am working on something that is super time consuming, I stay and work on it. Since I work on lots of little things at once, I sometimes have the liberty to let things float to the next morning.

4:50pm: sit in traffic pissed, and also on the phone with my mom. I call her every day on my way home from work, which is about the only time I have..
5:15pm: pull in the driveway.
5:16pm: open the door - hear dogs and the alarm. Poor Mom.
Change into yoga pants and t-shirt. Check mail. Still on the phone
Start laundry, empty dishwasher, etc.
6:00pm: my mom tells me "I know you have your phone on your shoulder so I am going to let you go so you can get everything done!"
6:01pm: start dinner. Sometimes this means chopping and getting ready to start dinner - on nights when it's a quick one like stirfry.
6:15 - 6:30: Lee gets home. Repeat dog noises from earlier.
6:30 - 7pm: dinner is served. We try and eat with the TV off but since I normally have it on in the 15 - 30 minutes of alone time, it usually is on but turned down or we are watching DVR.
7:00pm - 9:30pm: TV junkies.
9:30pm: Living room shut down, dogs outside (for the bazillionth time), teeth brushing, water glasses, cat hearding.
9:45pm: Bedroom tv comes on (see? junkies!)
10:15 - 10:45pm: watch tv. Then Lee falls asleep, I find the remote in the covers, turn it off, and roll over.
Sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I lay there and play on my phone and think about stuff that bothers me. I hate these nights!

And then it starts all over...

The interruptions in this schedule include:
Dinner at someone else's house
Mondays: Insert Donald into the 6:30pm - 9:30pm happenings. Monday is Bunny night.
I am in a bad mood, Lee happens to IM me with his ESP and says "how about Tia's tonight?" and I kiss my computer screen.
Lee has a work thing
I have a work thing (rare. i am selfish)

it is now 9:31pm. Time to start the shut down and move on into the bedroom.
Lee is playing PS3. I didn't put that in the schedule.
Because I am in denial.

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Karah said...

Hey Breann just found your blog through Tiffanie's blog. I hope your doing well. I'm adding you to my reader list. I don't know if you remember we were ZTAs together at SFA.