Saturday, March 6, 2010


We are car shopping these days, mainly in traffic it's a "Do you like that car?" Or an IM "What about this one?"

There are a few facts we are keeping in mind as we shop.
  • My lease is up in May on the Mini
  • The Mini is SMALL
  • It gets smaller each day
  • We are in Operation Baby Nash
  • Being that the Mini is small, I have that cabin fever effect and want the exact opposite
  • But I don't want to be That Woman that Can't Drive a Large Vehicle
  • So let's keep it simple shall we?
I don't want a "crossover." I.e. - BMW X3 (let's pretend we can even afford one) size. I thought I did but I don't want to regret it.
I don't want a Suburban or Tahoe. Tahoe's are on my list of cars I immediately yell at in traffic. The list includes, but not necessarily is limited to:
  • Mini Vans
  • Mini Vans
  • Mini Vans
  • Gold Buicks
  • Mini Vans
  • Tahoe's
  • Any car with a 102.9 sticker (offensive, sorry. but true. sorry again.)
So we are pretty interested in the following vehicles.
#1. Acura RDX. Lee loves his TL (more than me. let's face it). The customer service is off the charts. And it is fast.

(image source so I don't get into trouble: stolen off the internet via Google Images. It really isnt worth suing me, I promise.)
Pro's: Pretty! Fast! Shiney! Fancy!
Cons: 'Spensive. Must go used, which is not always a bad thing, and then are subject to just whatever is out there. Also, actually in love with RDX's big brother, MDX, but that is even more out of our price range.

#2. Chevy Equinox
I really like the new body style and this seems the roomiest of the mid-size SUV's.
Pro's: roomy. good price range
Cons: The "american car" thing where you just assume it will be in t
he shop alot. Must buy new (body style and warranty because if the fear of breakage).

#3. GMC Terrain.
This one is brand new this year. So obviously, we would have to buy new (slight con). Again, the "american car" issue.
Like the roomyness it advertises. Not sure if it will look this boxy in person? Seems a little manly no?

Ruled out:
Toyota 4Runner (more because of the shadyness of the company, not as much the recalls)
BMX X3 (price and smallish)
Lexus RX (even used is freakin expensive. this will be my dream car)

We have until mid May to make a decision so we have plenty of time to research and test drive.

Opinions? I know only about 4 people read this but hey, I'll put it out there with some hopes...


Tiffanie said...

The Equinox is on Tony's list also, but I think in the end you will be yelling at Tony as he drives by in a Tahoe.

Also, what about a Murano. We love those. If I were looking for an SUV crossover I would think about those. I know a ton of people who drive them and love them. Plus they're affordable and Nissans are great cars.

p.s. we may purchase tony's car very, very soon b/c we found out yesterday that my car will take 1.5 months to get fixed. I mean, really?

Breann said...

Ha! It just seems like tahoes are either men who are bullies or a woman who doesn't know how to drive that large of a car. Not all women are like this. I realize. My mom drives a huge deisel truck!
1.5 months?? Is your car made with gold and diamonds??

Brodricks said...

Ok... I love Toyota's even with the issues. But I have a friend who has a equinox and she loves it. I love Tahoes! I am hoping that I can get that or a trail blazer, the in-laws have that and they love it.