Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring is here, Dammit!

So about a year ago, Donald and I tackled the flower box's in the front yard.
Then, this winter, it snowed and un-did all that hard work.

So today, I was determined to make spring appear in my yard! I dug all that up, pulled up everything in the flower box on the porch, AND hacked down some shrubs in the back yard.
Then I hobbled through the house and took a 30 minute shower!
I hate this bush thing. It was a tree, then the neighbor on the other side of
the fence, who apparently hates nature, made us cut it down so she could put up that fence. Now it grows this little shrub thing around it and I hack it down when I get tired of it. I also chopped down all that dead jasmine on the metal gate to the left.
This pink thing gets really wild looking, so I go after it sometimes to make it look a little more uniform. We won't even mention the rose bush to the right. Tea roses, and I am terrible at pruning it. So It looks like crap.

After seeing this, I think I understand that term "has to get worse before it gets better." At this point, I had hacked all the ivy down from the pillars (that I hate), dug up the dead ferns (see the one bottom left?), planted the impatiens in hanging baskets, and dug up all the crap under our bedroom window that had died.
These are "asparagus ferns." They are called a mounding annual. The photo made it look like they will get nice and big. I just wanted the front of the house to have a nice green look. I kill flowers too easily. And there aren't many that like full shade.
Now our trash can outside is full of all that crap that was in the yard, so we better be a little less wasteful this week!

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Transplant said...

Oh lord we did this at our house last week. Just pruning and mowing edging...blah blah. It was horrible but now our neighbors don't give us dirty looks anymore! LoL :)