Thursday, May 22, 2008

Major improvements!

Yesterday and today we made major progress in the kitchen! The backsplash and paint are done, except for touch ups, and the dishwasher and sink are done! When you open the dishwasher it goes "bloooop!" Super cool. Only downside is that the place where you put the soap isn't big enough for the dawn/cascade pouches. Then when I thought about it, each drawer runs independantly so you couldn't use a whole pouch in one drawer anyhow. SO, i will go buy regular powder. It actually tells you "no gel." I notice better results when using a powder rather than a gel anyway.
Windows, vent hood, and various cabinet pieces will be in next week, so it looks like our kitchen will hit right on the 1 month mark for being finished! Once the windows are in I am going to get wood blinds (faux!), but I am leaving these shades for now because a ton of sun comes in these windows. My banana tree has been upset that it hasn't been in the usual spot, so I put it back today.
Almost done! BUT, I can officially open my kitchen back up for business! I bet I cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner all weekend!
And the pretty new treat jar I got last month is by the back door. I think it looks perfect!

Here is a zoom on the granite/backsplash combo:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kitchen / Weekend Update

This weekend we were in Austin to celebrate Lee's sister graduating from UT with a Finance Degree. It was GORGEOUS weather and we had a really nice time.That was after lunch, look how pretty outside! I am not thrilled with how I look in this picture, but keep in mind I was up all night sick!
We got back and decided to grill on Lee's new fancy grill. We had pretty weather too, just a little warmer than in Austin.We also have new furniture and a hammock! The pups were having a ton of fun running around and playing with toys. They need haircuts, which they are getting on Saturday.
Lola loves chasing the ball around!Yesterday was a big day for the kitchen... the granite came! The color is a little darker and more chocolate-y than the samples I had, so I picked a little bit different paint. The paint and backsplash will be in tomorrow!
The dishwasher goes in on Thursday so then I will have a working kitchen! Lee won't be home tonight so I may start moving some dishes into the lower cabinets. The upper ones will be painted on the inside, then I can move those dishes too.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sleepy pups

My pups have been going to Day Care while the house is being worked on. They get really tuckered out while they are there. Here are some examples from last night....
That is what I saw while laying on the couch. Lola was on the back against the wall and Teddy was by my feet and ended up with his head on the pillow and covered up with my blanket! SPOILED!

Monday, May 12, 2008


ooooooo my lighting went in today! I just need to buy light-bulbs (these are a tad bright). I got the pendants at Pottery Barn and the ceiling fan at lowe's but I am extremely happy with how they look together. Weeee!!!
Things will be slow as far as things looking different until the paint happens. Granite by end of next week and hopefully my oven is in this Friday! I have to make 5 dozen cookies on June 1st... eek! Once the granite is in, the sink will go in and the dishwasher. So I really hope that all happens before Friday the 30th. I don't see why it can't.... in fact, my vent-hood should be in by then as well, but I can still make cookies without that.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Making progress...

When I got home last night, the cabinets were in! There are some that need tweaking (new door, different size, etc) but for the most part they are in. The major snaffu is that the insides of the cabinets are not white, they are natural, which I don't like the look of. I feel like that is all I see when I look at the upper cabinets with the glass fronts. So Lowe's (since this was someone else's fault and not mine!) is giving us the paint and primer to paint the insides of the cabinets and the shelves. Sweet! Problem solved.
I am on mopping #2 and still need to do it one more time. There was so much residue from the sheet rocking and painting that it is just too dirty for one mopping.
The first picture shows my paint sample taped to the wall. The room should be painted next week. :)
The fridge and dishwasher (YAY!) were delivered today, so the fridge is installed and working fine. Just needs to start making ice and get nice and cold. It looks fantastic.

More Kitchen Drama!

So last night I get home and the cabinets were up! We have to re-order a few things because some stuff didn't fit the way it was drawn in. So some cabinets got switched around and there is still one that we need to order. Other randomness, one door up top came with a film on it with a design!! Wierd huh?
A big deal for me is that the inside of the cabinets are all wood-color. I had intended them to be white. I called the rep at Lowe's and he was shocked they weren't white. What we are going to do is have the inside and all shelves of the upper cabinets primed and painted white.
The granite people are coming tonight to do their thing and in less than 2 weeks I will have my counter! Then the backsplash can go up and the kitchen will be near complete. WOOO!!
Here are some photos. Disregard the white walls, that is just primer/texture. There is a brown square on the wall in the first photo, that is my paint sample.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kitchen goings ons

Although I am excited about my kitchen, the level of frustration I am experiencing is overwhelming right now.
I got home last night around 5:30 and the workers were still there. Lee said to expect a lot of work having been done. First thing I noticed, crap all over my new floor. I stayed calm. the only work I noticed was a little more drywall and the 4 recessed lights being added. I totally need lower wattage bulbs, these things are BRIGHT!!!
Anyway, he said they were about to texture the walls. All they had to do in order to accomplish that was to roll it on like paint. This took 2 hours! It was almost 8 when they left and i was STARVING!!!!
In this process, they dripped texture stuff all over the floor and then, to ice the cake, tipped the bucket over and it spilled onto the floor. I tried to remain calm. I tried not to have a fit. I just paid a BUNCH of money for that floor!!! They got it cleaned up but I was highly irritated.
So after they left, I left and went out with Donald to eat and shop a little. I get home and I was outside with the pups because there was so much junk out there. I needed to go inside real quick to do something and when I came out... dogs were gone. MY GATE WAS OPEN.
I bolted out the gate into the front and was yelling "LOLA TEDDY! LOLA TEDDY! OH GOD!" and they were 2 houses down in the yard playing. They came running to me and I was bawling and laying the grass petting them and loving on them. I got them back inside and just tried not to freak out.

Sucky day!

Today the cabinets should go in and i can get the granite folks to come over and do their thing. That will come in 7 - 10 days from when they measure. Appliances will be delivered on Friday night, so I will get my fridge and oven installed at least! The dishwasher will be last because the sink can't be installed until the counter top is. Then the backsplash and this place will be DONE!

We will need our Hawaii vacation when this is all done with!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The kitchen SHOULD be done by the beginning of June (only delayed because granite will take 7-10 days after they measure once the cabinets are in....). I have planned our party for June 28th out in the backyard! I am thinking fajitas (both chicken and beef) with an assortment of dips and snacks. We are going to rent tables and chairs like we did for Brandon's party in October. Lee will more than likely get a new grill for that day (his is 2 years old and well-worn and starting to act funny... not good on a gas grill!!)
By then i hope we can paint the brick on the house a nice tan color, plant flowers, and maybe get a patio set or something. We don't have any outside furniture!!! Of course, this project is already so expensive, who knows how we will throw a party like this! Can you say COSTCO for the meat??

Nothing is happening today on the kitchen. I am sitting home waiting on Brinks because our smoke alarm has been freaking out and going off... there is no smoke. So they said between 8 and 12. It is now 10... hopefully they come soon.

I tried a tester perfume and I am not thrilled. And now I have to smell like it all day.

Tomorrow everyone should be here working on the kitchen. Windows, drywall, electric work... all starting. I need cabinets up ASAP because until the bottom ones are in, the granite people can't come and measure! Arg. The floor caused major delays.

Both pups seems to be thrilled I am home! They are sleeping on the love-seat and going outside alot. Being home this morning has allowed me to clean the house really well. All i have left to do is fold laundry (UGH).

Sunday, May 4, 2008


We were graced with beautiful weather this weekend! We went to lunch at Barnaby's and sat outside on the patio. I had the turkey burger again that I just LOVE and didn't eat all the fries :).
Then I took a BIG nap!! I went outside after and played in the yard with the pups and lee.Last night we went to see Forgetting Sara Marshall and it was really really funny! I am glad we saw it, but at first I wasn't sure i wanted to. I highly suggest it.
This post is really choppy. I just woke up.
Our floor is DONE. They came and sealed it yesterday!Lola and Teddy are happy to get to run through the kitchen to the back yard again too. So this week many things will happen and the kitchen will start to come together. First, they will finish drywall work and the windows will go in. Then the cabinets! Once the cabinets are in, we can get the granite people to come and measure for the counter. While we wait on that to come in, we can get finishing touches like paint, crown molding, and light fixtures going.
Then onces the granite is in, all that will be left is the backsplash!! So I think we are a little over 2 weeks to go. It all depends on how quickly they cut my counter and get it installed.
So the end is near. I can't wait to get back to cooking!

Friday, May 2, 2008

I can't help myself....