Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kitchen goings ons

Although I am excited about my kitchen, the level of frustration I am experiencing is overwhelming right now.
I got home last night around 5:30 and the workers were still there. Lee said to expect a lot of work having been done. First thing I noticed, crap all over my new floor. I stayed calm. the only work I noticed was a little more drywall and the 4 recessed lights being added. I totally need lower wattage bulbs, these things are BRIGHT!!!
Anyway, he said they were about to texture the walls. All they had to do in order to accomplish that was to roll it on like paint. This took 2 hours! It was almost 8 when they left and i was STARVING!!!!
In this process, they dripped texture stuff all over the floor and then, to ice the cake, tipped the bucket over and it spilled onto the floor. I tried to remain calm. I tried not to have a fit. I just paid a BUNCH of money for that floor!!! They got it cleaned up but I was highly irritated.
So after they left, I left and went out with Donald to eat and shop a little. I get home and I was outside with the pups because there was so much junk out there. I needed to go inside real quick to do something and when I came out... dogs were gone. MY GATE WAS OPEN.
I bolted out the gate into the front and was yelling "LOLA TEDDY! LOLA TEDDY! OH GOD!" and they were 2 houses down in the yard playing. They came running to me and I was bawling and laying the grass petting them and loving on them. I got them back inside and just tried not to freak out.

Sucky day!

Today the cabinets should go in and i can get the granite folks to come over and do their thing. That will come in 7 - 10 days from when they measure. Appliances will be delivered on Friday night, so I will get my fridge and oven installed at least! The dishwasher will be last because the sink can't be installed until the counter top is. Then the backsplash and this place will be DONE!

We will need our Hawaii vacation when this is all done with!

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