Thursday, May 22, 2008

Major improvements!

Yesterday and today we made major progress in the kitchen! The backsplash and paint are done, except for touch ups, and the dishwasher and sink are done! When you open the dishwasher it goes "bloooop!" Super cool. Only downside is that the place where you put the soap isn't big enough for the dawn/cascade pouches. Then when I thought about it, each drawer runs independantly so you couldn't use a whole pouch in one drawer anyhow. SO, i will go buy regular powder. It actually tells you "no gel." I notice better results when using a powder rather than a gel anyway.
Windows, vent hood, and various cabinet pieces will be in next week, so it looks like our kitchen will hit right on the 1 month mark for being finished! Once the windows are in I am going to get wood blinds (faux!), but I am leaving these shades for now because a ton of sun comes in these windows. My banana tree has been upset that it hasn't been in the usual spot, so I put it back today.
Almost done! BUT, I can officially open my kitchen back up for business! I bet I cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner all weekend!
And the pretty new treat jar I got last month is by the back door. I think it looks perfect!

Here is a zoom on the granite/backsplash combo:

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