Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The kitchen SHOULD be done by the beginning of June (only delayed because granite will take 7-10 days after they measure once the cabinets are in....). I have planned our party for June 28th out in the backyard! I am thinking fajitas (both chicken and beef) with an assortment of dips and snacks. We are going to rent tables and chairs like we did for Brandon's party in October. Lee will more than likely get a new grill for that day (his is 2 years old and well-worn and starting to act funny... not good on a gas grill!!)
By then i hope we can paint the brick on the house a nice tan color, plant flowers, and maybe get a patio set or something. We don't have any outside furniture!!! Of course, this project is already so expensive, who knows how we will throw a party like this! Can you say COSTCO for the meat??

Nothing is happening today on the kitchen. I am sitting home waiting on Brinks because our smoke alarm has been freaking out and going off... there is no smoke. So they said between 8 and 12. It is now 10... hopefully they come soon.

I tried a tester perfume and I am not thrilled. And now I have to smell like it all day.

Tomorrow everyone should be here working on the kitchen. Windows, drywall, electric work... all starting. I need cabinets up ASAP because until the bottom ones are in, the granite people can't come and measure! Arg. The floor caused major delays.

Both pups seems to be thrilled I am home! They are sleeping on the love-seat and going outside alot. Being home this morning has allowed me to clean the house really well. All i have left to do is fold laundry (UGH).

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