Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kitchen / Weekend Update

This weekend we were in Austin to celebrate Lee's sister graduating from UT with a Finance Degree. It was GORGEOUS weather and we had a really nice time.That was after lunch, look how pretty outside! I am not thrilled with how I look in this picture, but keep in mind I was up all night sick!
We got back and decided to grill on Lee's new fancy grill. We had pretty weather too, just a little warmer than in Austin.We also have new furniture and a hammock! The pups were having a ton of fun running around and playing with toys. They need haircuts, which they are getting on Saturday.
Lola loves chasing the ball around!Yesterday was a big day for the kitchen... the granite came! The color is a little darker and more chocolate-y than the samples I had, so I picked a little bit different paint. The paint and backsplash will be in tomorrow!
The dishwasher goes in on Thursday so then I will have a working kitchen! Lee won't be home tonight so I may start moving some dishes into the lower cabinets. The upper ones will be painted on the inside, then I can move those dishes too.

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