Friday, May 9, 2008

More Kitchen Drama!

So last night I get home and the cabinets were up! We have to re-order a few things because some stuff didn't fit the way it was drawn in. So some cabinets got switched around and there is still one that we need to order. Other randomness, one door up top came with a film on it with a design!! Wierd huh?
A big deal for me is that the inside of the cabinets are all wood-color. I had intended them to be white. I called the rep at Lowe's and he was shocked they weren't white. What we are going to do is have the inside and all shelves of the upper cabinets primed and painted white.
The granite people are coming tonight to do their thing and in less than 2 weeks I will have my counter! Then the backsplash can go up and the kitchen will be near complete. WOOO!!
Here are some photos. Disregard the white walls, that is just primer/texture. There is a brown square on the wall in the first photo, that is my paint sample.

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