Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wants & Needs @ 3 Months Old

Every single day I am amazed at how much Logan is changing. He is just growing and growing and seems to learn something new every day!

As he grows and changes I start to notice things I need/want to make our lives easier. My #1 obsession right now is the stroller. We have this one now:
While this is a nice enough stroller, I pretty much hate it. It's bulky and heavy. It takes 2 hands to unfold (not cool people!) It's very hard to navigate in stores.
Along the way I had registered for this stroller, just on a whim for ease or "extra."Honestly, I love this little thing. Little being the main reason. It's super easy to navigate through places, light as a feather, easy to fold/unfold, and the basket holds mucho shopping. The only problem is that is doesn't later operate as a stroller when he is not in his carseat. For now, though, this is what I take with me when I am going out and about.

But on Friday, peeps, I am going straight to Right Start when our tax return arrives in our checking account to get this:
The City Mini. Hellooooo Loverrrrrrr.
Feather light, super easy to fold/unfold, and navigates like a dream. You can purchase a bar to use with the carseat as well. Tiffanie has this stroller, as well as my boss, and I have heard nothing but great things about it.
You know you are a mom when you are eligible to upgrade to the newest iPhone and choose to spend the money on a stroller instead.

As my little man grows, I am aware that the next size up in clothes is approaching fast. Also, the weather has abruptly changed from cold to friggin warm. Not good for little man since he mainly has long sleeved onsies and pants. Saturday we went out to the outlets and got Logan no fewer than 28 new outfits at Carters... mainly 1-piece "rompers" like this:What I love about these are that it's one piece so it's easy to dress him, they are a little more coverage than just a onesie but still short since it's so hot. He also looks adorable in them!

I have mentioned a few times that he is growing... check this out:My little man is chunking up! He is 11 weeks old this week and just smiles and coo's and is so alert and happy.

Yesterday, I took him for a walk and decided to try taking the dogs too. After about 3 houses far I realized walking 2 dogs and pushing a stroller was NOT happening. So I found an alternative for Lola:

Then I had to wrangle Teddy but I eventually got him to walk nicely beside me. Hopefully a few more walks and Teddy gets the hang of it.(Teddy was not tied to the stroller when we were walking, only for the photo)

I hope Lola fits in the basket of the new stroller!

Wednesday we are heading to Palestine so Logan can get in one more visit before I go back to work next week. I am sure there will be tons of photos!
I have to remember to help my grandma get the photos from the last visit off her camera. Or else, I will never see them!


Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

OH MY he is cute! and I LOVE HIS HAIR! I am jealous for it! We opted not for the big stroller also. We got a mid sized Chicco one.

Donald said...

1. The dogs thing is ridiculous - LOVE it, LOL. Lola!

2. OMG, he almost looks like a toddler! :)