Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The countdown begins...

And so here it is.... less than a full month until I go back to work.

I really don't know what to think about it. In some ways I am excited because I will be out of the house, going out to lunch, interacting with adults again. But in other ways I am dreading it. Logan and I have found a little rhythm in our routine. We have our little nest here with the dogs and the TV and the bottles...

I am also dreading the evil daycare germs. I don't want him to start getting colds and fevers. ESPECIALLY since you can't give babies real medicine. If they get stuffy noses you just squirt saline up there and hope it drains. Otherwise, it's just baby Tylenol for fever.

AND this means Lee and I will be sick. Neither one of us is a nice person when we are sick.

My boss told me just to tell her how I want to go about things... part time? Full time?
Honestly, we need the money which is about the only reason I am going to just go on full time right out of the gate. But maybe if things with Lee's job change I can cut back a little. Maybe do 4 days a week or something. We'll see.

Or I may just love love love going back to work and being my own person in the day and then being a mommy and wife at night.

Where's that damn magic 8 ball?


Sea.my.madness said...

breann - your blog is reminding me of all those baby things i've forgotten about. Now my kids are older, it's a whole new world to navigate. Older as in 5 and 8.

When mine were little, we could give cold medicine - I feel for you, so not cool you can't anymore.

The one good thing about babies being exposed to germs - is that by the time they go to school, they hardly ever get sick anymore. All the kids that stayed home, no daycare - sick, missing school days.

One more thing - the day I dropped my oldest off at daycare, for the first time... I was bent over in the parking lot, heaving out of sadness. One of the worst feelings I ever had.
One week later - I couldn't get her dropped off fast enough, I was so happy to be using my brain again, having adult conversations. I worked a full time job in 3 days of work - hard, but the best of both worlds. Now i'm back to stay at home mommy - everything waxes and wanes, doesn't it?
Either way, you're still a good mommy.

Transplant said...

You're so good at your job. I think you'll be happy to be back in the swing of things! PS it's your turn on words with friends!! :)