Sunday, February 27, 2011

Starting all over...

So up until 3 months ago, my life had a rather routine nature about it. You knew at 11pm, no matter what night of the week, I was asleep. You knew at 8am I was awake and not happy about it.
This was our Before Baby Routine:

Nash Routine

Then Baby Logan came around and rocked our world. There has not been much of a routine since then, but lately we kind of fell into one...

7am: Lee is up getting ready for work. I am up starting a bottle for Logan. Dogs are throwing a fit until someone feeds them.

8:30am: Logan is sleepy again and is in his swing. I am eating cereal, drinking coffee, and watching DVR (or Gilmore Girls until a few weeks ago)

11am: Logan is hungry again and I am thinking about if we need to get out and about...

1:30pm: Feed Logan again and start getting ready for our daily walk.

2:00pm: Head over to walk with Tiffanie and P.

6:00pm: Start gathering together everything to get our night time with Logan wound down. Lee is usually home by now.

6:30pm: Bathe and feed Logan.

7:00pm: Swaddle Logan and get him to sleep (this is getting easier and easier). Start or finish up making dinner.

10:00pm: Wake Logan up and feed him again. Re-swaddle and back to sleep.

10:30pm: Get ready for bed and snuggle up with Lee and the pups.

At this point, Logan sleeps through the night 9 times out of 10. If not I am up maybe around 4 or 5 and he eats a little bit and passes back out. I try and just give him a pacifier to keep him off so that he doesn't keep expecting that middle of the night food. It seems to have worked as I haven't gotten up in a week. Granted, I am still awake off and on because babies are not quiet sleepers and I have that odd Mom thing where I wake up and make sure he is breathing.

So... I like to know what to expect. on Tuesday I feel like I am starting all over again. I go back to work and Logan starts daycare and I am seriously have a freak out over it. New clothes, fancy labels, and fun snacks for my desk are only masking the severe sadness I am feeling about leaving him during the day. I know that after the first week it will feel normal (you know... routine?...) but the unexpected is killing me. We JUST got to this happy place where he is fun and easy and you can pretty much tell what he wants and when he is going to want it. And now we are tumping over the bucket of marbles and starting to put them all back in again.

Things I will miss the most:

#1? Our walks with Tiffanie and P. Seriously, not only am I getting exercise and letting him get a little sunshine and fresh air, but I get friend time with Tiff and we can swap baby stories. It's the time of day I look forward to the most. (Besides Lee coming home)

Otherwise I am going to miss holding him during an entire nap because she is so snuggly. I am going to miss going shopping during times when most people are at work.
I am going to miss having all day to just love on him and do tummy time and sit him in the Bumbo:We will have to just see how it goes...


Tiffanie said...

ya' gonna make me tear up over here. i'm going to miss you and Logan.

Breann said...

Well I blame you for my stroller envy! ;)