Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1...

First I have to say, today wasn't as terrible as I had expected. I did cry when I left him - mainly because he was crying because he was ready to take a nap. Once I got to work and coworkers showed up and we started chatting, I relaxed a little. Then when we called at 11:30 and heard he had eaten his whole bottle and was swinging and happy, I let myself enjoy the rest of the day.

And I was busy!

I think they have been holding things for me to do - which sucks because they are all due NOW. I couldn't stay very late today at all - I just had to get back to Logan. But tomorrow will go smoother, Logan will get dropped off a little faster, I can work until 5pm, and life will start to get easier.

When I picked him up, he smiled at me and my heart melted. They said he is a good baby (don't I know it?) that he took cat naps (5 naps @ 30 minutes each!) and really liked the swing. I let them know that we are having issues with him sleeping in the crib so they told me they were going to work on getting him to sleep in the crib during the day. I can buy a mobile to hang off the crib for him to look at as well - so of course I want to do that ASAP! Looks like the diaper bill will be really high because they changed 8 diapers today! I guess I should just be happy they kept him dry huh? But man, I barely use 8 a DAY and they used 8 in like 9 hours..
He also ate both his bottles - so all in all he was ok.

Tonight - I was home at 5 and just sat on the couch and loved on him and looked at his little face. By 6:30pm he was bathed, fed, and passing out in Lee's arms. Right now he is in his swing, which I know isn't the best because he should be in bed - but tonight is just going to be an exception. I like him here in the living room with me.

Now I am enjoying a glass of wine, watching trash TV from the DVR with Lee, and trying to wrap my head around being a working mother.

Because the only thing I wanted today was to be home with Logan.



Tiffanie said...

So proud of you!

Sea.my.madness said...

Awww, I was wondering how your first day went - we were out of town for a couple weeks.
You did great!