Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Living Room Spruce Up

Awhile back, while still on leave, I hit up Target wanting new lamps for the living room. We had the same lamps since we bought the house 5 years ago and I wanted something different. I bought lamps and shades and was so excited when I got home to spruce up the living room.

Then I realized, after getting Logan inside and opening the back of the car..

I left the shades on the bottom of the cart in the Target parking lot.


Yesterday I went to Target on my lunch break to buy odds and ends (you know formula, rice, puffs, a bottle, etc) and walked by the lamp shades. The ones I had already purchased once were on sale so I grabbed them up.They look great.
But now... i am starting to look around the room wanting to spruce up everything else.
We have an actual authentic oriental rug in our living room. Lee and his parents lived in Hong Kong for a few years when he was little while his dad worked for a big accounting firm. They had major money and bought all these huge rugs. When we moved into our house, we inherited one. The fringe is all gone (thanks to Lee's childhood dog and Lola...) but it's a traditional red and cream oriental. It goes well with our dark leather furniture and dark wood pieces...
However - with the new lamps/shades... I want something different. I want to lighten up the room a little...
So is it wrong to want to replace a pretty valuable rug with something more natural like this:
West Elm Jute Rug
And new throw pillows like this?

West Elm Pillows

Or These?

Pottery Barn Classic Button Pillows

And even throwing these on the front porch rockers...

Pier One pillow

Maybe I just need some beach time...


Donald said...

Did you notice that the lampshade and rug match your blog background? ;) They look cute though!

On the throw pillows, would say the Pottery Barn set (the colorful ones).
1. They're more colorful, especially contrasting to the rug and lampshade being similar.
2. That West Elm set looks yarn-ish...and dogs love yarnish materials...

Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

I agree with Donald... Where were you when we were in Int Design School? There are plenty of girls who graduated without and once of good advice! =>

Chloe said...

Love the pillows!! All of them!!