Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I WORE Wednesday....

I at least snapped a photo in the chaos that was yesterday... Logan has been very sick with an ear infection which led to screaming, not sleeping, fever, etc. Man.
I didn't get to work until about 10:30am because I needed to sleep a little, so this is what I pulled on to be safe:

Yes, my feet are this white.

Shoes: Bandolino (I really heart this company's shoes!)
Pants: Gap from a long time ago. Oh yeah, they fit now!Cardigan: J Crew
Tank Top: Target! I have like 5 of these.
Necklace: Pandora.
Scar on chest: Swimming in the lake and something got me!
Hair: Finally getting cut today. It's been 14 weeks! EGADS!

I will post more about Logan being sick later on.


Chloe said...

Very cute!!
Love your shoes!!

Transplant said...

I am in love with everything you had on yesterday. Double, triple like!