Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How was last night?

It seems that as you get older and move through phases of your life, the statement "How was last night" changes meaning.

When you are 6 and had your first over night sleepover and your mom picks you up.. "how was last night?!!" Then you cry because that bitch Suzie stole your barbie clothes or made you sleep on the floor.
Or if you are me and called mom at 3am "I wanna go hooooome!! Last night didn't last so long...

When you are 15 or so going on a date, you are on the phone the next day with your best friend (who you secretly hate because she is prettier/skinnier/has cuter clothes than you) asks "OMGeeeee how was last night!!!!" you talk about how the jackhole didn't buy your popcorn and then was a terrible kisser.

Then there is college.. "How was last night!?" is a super dangerous question. What if you are the girl that went to the rave, did a little X, and wound up asleep in the back of a van?
Or the sorority girl who went to the mixer and got in a fight with another "sister" because she was hitting on your boyfriend?
Or the one that has already starting collecting cats.. Last night was fab when Fluffy pounced Snowball and they wrestled!
Or the slut who will tell you way too much info on what/who she did last night...

Right now, the question "how was last night?" is asked by my husband. Since Logan was born, nights have been a struggle. I slept on the couch for the first 8 weeks. I still don't make it through the night most nights.

Lee is oblivious unless something major goes down like puke or screaming (both last night.. Logan puked, I screamed). So most mornings he rolls over and says "how was last night?"
I usually just say "oh fine I got up at 3 and was back asleep by 3:30."
He says "awesome!"
Uh no, not really!
With sick baby in the house, Lee hasn't had to ask the question because he has had to live the nights along with me.

How about you? What does "how was last night?" mean to you these days?


Lee said...

Father of the year, right here folks.

Breann said...

No just a super sound sleeper, and there is no point in 2 people getting up to feed one baby a bottle!

Chloe said...

Well, I'm having nightmares and I'm sleepwalking. I've screamed and kicked my husband (sorry MJ! You know I love you!), and after that I've woken up and felt extremely tired.
So I guess my nights (and Mj's nights) aren't being very good...

Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

Omgosh, Ryan does the same thing! Every morning I call him on the way to work (because he's already halfway done with his day) and he asks me, "How was your nite?" I describe the night through yawns.

Lala said...

Very very true!! LOL!!! How life changes. Great post!!
I stopped by from SITS and am a new follower now.
Have a great weekend.


Katherines Corner said...

Aww thew gentle journey of life. Now for me how was last night means how many times did I wake up on fire from menopause!!!I found you on SITS. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. wishing you happiness and a wonderful weekend. Hugs!