Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Jessica and I are both working together to tweak our blogs. So be patient through background changes and layout differences.
Also - if anyone knows how to make a HTML button that people can display on their blogs to advertise yours, please let me know!!


Chloe said...

Oh, I don't remember how I did with my button, but I found the solution thanks to Google.

Tiffanie said...

use picnik.com to make your button. I've been playing with html ... it's addicting. miss you!

Breann said...

I made the button on Picnik now i can't figure out how to load it... hmmmmmm

Tiffanie said...

use the html code for "text area". I think that should work.

Surviving Suburbia said...

Thanks for sharing ladies! I have been wondering!
Remember back when Breann said something about not becoming a mommy blogger! It's unavoidable and wonderful!