Monday, March 28, 2011

5:30 a.m.

Lee and I are not morning people. We love our sleep.
Before Logan, we would sleep as much as possible on weekends. Even having "Nash Nap time" on Friday afternoons after work. Even the dogs are super sleepers.

To say Logan turned that upside down is an understatement.

However, Logan has been pretty good at the night sleeping. Usually one wake up and it's about 30 minutes max after once his tummy is full.

Today, he decided to start the party at 5:30am.

Imagine how happy this made me...

Here are thoughts from my forced early wake time:
  • Ah HAH! This is when music videos are played on MTV.
  • There are 5 ladies at the local radio station pregnant at the same time. How is one of them NOT the sluttyish traffic girl?
  • No shit there isn't traffic at 5:30am. Most people are sleeeeeping. {hear that Logan?}
  • Why is Lady Gaga wearing a skull mask?
  • What is a Gaga?
  • I predict I will be a very grumpy person today.
  • Is it normal for your eyes to burn when you are this sleepy?
  • I am so going to bed at 8pm tonight.
  • Oh but United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie come back tonight. Dang.
  • Why do they still even make music videos? The type who are up this early {unless forced} don't watch MTV anyway.
  • I am really bad at changing a diaper this early.
There you have it. I think this qualifies for Manic Monday eh?


Chloe said...

Ooh... I hope you can have some sleep later...
Even though you started your Monday this way... I just wish you a Happy Monday!

Donald said...

Would think you'd be somewhat exposed to this from a few years ago. ;)

Those of us who are morning people probably have the music videos going as we bounce around the apartment.

No idea @ Lady Gaga...

Logan - welcome to Team Morning People!

Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

Other than the music videos, there's only infomercials. WE watch DVR stuff in those horrible hours.

Sabrina said...

Welcome to Parenthood. Rhyder is an early riser as well... :) And yes on the prego ladies, yes 5, and my husband is obsessed with Jennifer Reyna (slutty traffic girl).

Breann said...

So, I am not good at trying to answer comments one by one..

Chloe: He went back to sleep in his swing around 6:15 so I slept on the couch until Lee woke up at 7. Triple shot at Starbucks on the way to work seems to be working!

Donald: Awesome, head on over at 5am every morning and you and Logan can have quality Uncle Bunny Time. Otherwise, shut it.

Jessica: something else for us to bitch about over IM! Yay!

Sabrina: That made me laugh out loud! I am feeding Logan and I see sluttyish chick come on and I am like "really? she isn't pregnant?" Then I felt bad for the anchor who is there for the 5am news pregnant. NO WAY.

Tiffanie said...

I didn't think they started this until toddler age? Logan and Preston are definitely making us work . Yesterday was the fussiest day we've had with P in a while. Tony said something about him being "high maintainence like his mom." Don't worry, he's barely walking today!

Transplant said...

Oh lord have mercy. This is my biggest fear about the possibility of childhood. Have you heard how much I sleep? I like your new layout, btw!

Tonya said...

Hahaha! Here in NYC on NY1 we Totally have a pregnant slutty traffic girl!! I think she might also be part of the cast of the Jersey Shore...
Why does MTV play videos at 5 am and no other time? Don't they know stoners aren't awake at 5 am?
My kid was also up at 5 am. Maybe the little ones are trying to overthrow us?

Chloe said...

Aww.. Is Logan sick?
Poor baby!!
I have finished the handmade gift for you! (Or maybe is it for Logan? ;-))
I'll try to go to the Post Office next week. Sorry for the delay!