Sunday, March 13, 2011

We cooked... forever

Last night Lee and I teamed up to make a complicated meal. Because what else are relaxing weekends for?

You can read about it here. Sticks To Your Ribs

Oh and Logan is 14 weeks. How did this happen? Who allowed this? Not ok that he is outgrowing clothes left and right. NOT OK!

We have lunch today at the in laws since Laura is in town. I will take some photos of Mr. 14 weeks.

Then I will cry in the corner.

2 comments: said...

That looks yum! Did you ever look in the ready made veggie area stuff for already chopped up squash? It took me about 6 years of peeling unwieldy squash before I found out...
I have a great recipe for fall squash soup - pumpkin, butternut, sweet potatoes then you top it with maple marscapone. Happy to pass it on if you want.

Breann said...

Great suggestion! I was completely frustrated with that darn squash!!!