Thursday, March 17, 2011


Coming back to work was not easy for me at all. It honestly was a financial decision, not a life-happiness decision (other than loving to have money...)

So in order to bribe myself back to work I had to buy myself little prezzies to make it more fun!

First purchase? A new wireless mouse for my desk. My mouse cord gets tangled in my phone cord and I get all persnickety...Then I got myself new pink headphones. We work in an open environment and can hear everything around us. The only way to concentrate is to "plug in" as we say.The awesome thing about these Philips headphones is that the little cone that goes in your ear is very soft - so you don't get that sore ear feeling from hard plastic in your ear off and on all day. I luv em and want to buy some for home to wear when walking Logan around.

Next up is a new coffee mug for my desk. I am shopping around every time I hit Starbucks until I find one that I really like. I drink about 4 cups a day so why not have a super pretty cup?

I love prezzies!


Chloe said...

Good purchases!!
I lovvvve wireless mouses! They are so comfortable!

Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

I got a new mouse too!! A purple one and a new purple coffee cup!! Perhaps I need some new headphones too.. I do get sore ears....