Friday, March 25, 2011


I now possess a copy of Adobe CS5 Mastersuite and while Logan is snoozing, I wanted to mess with some photos.

First - I downloaded Pioneer Woman's Actions Here

Then I looked through some photos to find some candidates. The photos that stick out first that need help are our wedding photos..

Lee and I were BROKE when we got married. In fact if you take zero and subtract money from that... that is how broke we were.

So when it came to photos, we didn't have much to spend on a fancy photographer. So what did I do? I scanned all the proofs.
(For my friends that read this that are photographers, please don't hate me!)
But she also gave us a disk of the photos she took off her digital. This is back when some digital cameras still took a floppy disk..

Oh Hi - I am old.

All these digital ones are yellow... why????

So here we will look at the cakes.

Here is a before of my cake:Wow.. fugly huh? Even more so when yellow and crooked.
So here is my attempt at fixing it...Still ugly but not yellow!

I asked for a simple white cake with very very light pink piping and pearl strands..

I was given a cake meant for a quinceanera..

But the little ladies watching me pick it up were all misty and super proud so I just took it, shoved it in the jeep, and drove off.

Asking Donald a million times "How bad is it, REALLY?"
I think he had thoughts of jumping out of the car...

Now here is Lee's cake:
Cute huh? A real baker made it.. not Randall's...
Here is my attempt to fix...

Now I am hungry....

But ugly cake and all... we are living happily ever after!


Donald said...

Jump out of the car? Not in Houston - too much traffic!

Actually, you kept asking me if it looked okay, and I kept saying it looked fine. Then you asked me if it looked like a birthday cake and I braced myself for having to pull you over and console you after squeeking out a quiet "um, yeah, a little..."

Apparently you were fine with that and kept driving on, moving on mentally to the next hurdle of Wedding Day.

I think that's why I cried later with your mom - I was relieved to have survived the Picking Up Of The Cake Questioned By The Bride!

Donald said...

Oh - the edits look good. Checked out her actions and those are pretty nifty.

The other thing you might try doing is loading one into iPhoto and playing with the levels (not the preset options like Boost or Fade - the actual levels). Photoshop offers it, but the levels in iPhoto are all together and a lot easier to mess around with...saturate, exposure, contrast, define, sharpen, tint, etc.