Thursday, March 3, 2011

I can has coffee?

While home on maternity leave, I grew increasingly addicted to coffee. I always enjoyed a cup or 2 on the weekends and my latte on the way to work as a treat.
But now... it's out of hand...

I get up, shower, get dressed, then grab up Logan. While his bottle is warming I change his diaper and then I make a cup of coffee. I sip this coffee while I feed him. Then I dress him and get him in his bouncy seat where he sits and plays while I eat breakfast and talk to him, while finishing up the coffee.

Then I get to work...

I make a cup immediately.

I make another.

Maybe another?

Then I have lunch - if I am out I have a few glasses of iced tea.

THEN I have another cup around 2pm.

Maybe just hooking up an IV would save me the time?

My choice of coffee is this K-cup, which I am buying a box of for work:

Ok, back to my addiction now.

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