Sunday, March 6, 2011

My first weekend post-work

I was looking forward to this weekend starting - oh - last weekend! It was my first one after starting work. You know, I totally get the phrase "living for the weekends" now. I even left work a little early on Friday because I just couldn't stand it anymore!

So what did we do this weekend?

Well first we got our new stroller and went for a walk!
Lola didn't know what to think about her new spot.
Teddy was trying to save her I think...

Then Saturday morning it was a little chilly so Logan got to wear his overalls!

The first thing we did that day was drop the dogs off for a much needed haircut!
While we were waiting on that, we hit up Le Peep for about 25 cups of coffee and then went to visit Lee's parents. Once we all got home, everyone took a 1 hour nap.. so awesome.
We went out to a bday party Sat night and Lee's mother came over and watched Logan for us.

Sunday morning we just lazed around. Logan and Lee hung out watching a little TV while I paid bills and ordered Lee some clothes:
I never notice the random crap around the house until I look at pictures I take...
Anyway.... Then we did a little tummy time in the crib:
I have that mirror strapped to the side for when I let him lay in the crib to kick around and look at his mobile. Once he starts rolling and grabbing I will take it down. For now he likes looking at himself in it!
After that we had a little Bumbo time, watching golf:

We went to Target on our way to lunch and I found this while strolling the baby aisle for some yummy baby bath stuff. Logan smells goooooooood after his bath with this tonight!Source: Google.
There is a lotion that goes with it that I will pick up later. I still have some Aveeno left and didn't want to waste it..

Now I am off to eat a brownie and get myself mentally prepared for a full 5 day work week..

Oh did you see? I am cooking again!

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