Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day

Today, like most years, I took down all the Christmas decor around the living room. Lee and Donald put the tree back in the garage, and brought the treadmill back in. I don't really know if I am allowed to do much exercise yet, so I will ask at my 6 week appointment in 2 weeks.

Nope, not procrastinating at all...

I tried on some old pants while putting my pre-baby clothes back in the closet. There is one pair that is too small that I love so those will be my goal pants. Try them on each week until the fit (not tight, actually fit).

In total opposite of that goal, I made cookies today:I love these so much. Recipe here: Spiced Snow Cap Cookies
I always find the chocolate pieces in the bulk section at Central Market. I am not sure where in other cities you would find them.. maybe a candy store?? I am sure a plain chocolate disk would be just fine!

While digging out old clothes and hanging them up - I walked through the living room to find this:Logan is getting so big already! He is getting a little tummy, went up to size 1 diapers today, and is filling out in the face:
The size 1 diapers are still a little big, but we were having... leaking issues with the newborn, which made me think they were a tad small.

There are limits to what Shout Stain Remover can do...

Now I think I will shop for some red flats. I have always wanted a pair of red flats and when I go back to work in March, I will have them!


Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

does this mean i will be able to cook again soon?

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I'm a big believer in scheduled feedings during the day but my first two didn't make it three hours for several months so we went with two.

Thanks for the link to your friend's blog. What a story - will pray for them.