Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5 weeks... a blur...

This last 5 weeks with Logan has been a blur. Sleep deprivation is no joke let me tell you.

Today I started doing 2 oz breast milk and 2 oz Enfamil Newborn Formula and I started at 7am and have done it every 3 hours hoping to get us on a schedule - as every singe book says to do. The idea is that from 7am - 10pm you feed him every 3 hours, and that should satisfy most of his calorie needs for the day - and he should be left to sleep as long as he wants at night. It may be 3 hours for a few days but eventually he will start stretching to 4 hours or longer.

My boss stopped by today for a visit and said the best thing is when you get 4 hours, get up and give a bottle, and get 4 more hours. THEN you start to feel like a human being. Her baby, on the Babywise schedule, slept better at night around 6 weeks. I know this isn't going to happen over night or even over a week, but I have to give myself some structure to try and stick to.

It's not that I didn't know I would be getting up at night to feed him. The problem lies in the sleepless DAYS too. When he doesn't nap (because he is either hungry or over-tired and screaming) then I don't nap. So that means the only sleep I get is the one or 2 times he sleeps 3 hours at night. Not cutting it.

I can't wait to stop feeling like a crazy, emotional, inept mother.

But when you see this face:

You kind of forgive a little of the fussing, screaming, non-sleeping he is doing.

And you might kiss those cheeks too... and smell the hair..
Just maybe ;)

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Transplant said...

Keep it up champ. You're doing great. Pretty soon he'll be graduating high school and we'll each buy a Ferrari and your sleepless nights will be far behind you. Mostly because we'll drive 100mph everywhere. :)