Sunday, January 30, 2011

2 Months old!

Today, Logan is turning 2 months old... it has gone by really really fast!

Here are some of the things he now does:

Smiles when you smile at him:Sorry it's blurry, but he never stops moving. Ever.

  • Sleeps 4-5 hours in a row at night, falls back asleep easily after his bottle, sleeps 3 more hours.
  • Coo's
  • Holds head up extremely well, but still not totally stable
  • Lifts part of chest off ground when on tummy
  • Focuses on your eyes
  • Eats 5 ounces at a time
  • Has blown right through (and out of, several times) Size 1 diapers and is now in size 2.
Wednesday he has his shots, which I hear are traumatic for everyone involved. I will find out what he weighs when we go in. Last time, about 3 weeks ago, he was 9 pounds 6 ounces.

We are working on sitting up, but he is a little young for that. Once his head control is better I am going to order him a bumbo and a jumparoo. I like this one:His favorite thing to lay on is his Boppy Lounger:That is his first pair of jeans. Look at his little belly!!

He also enjoys his swing a lot:
I am guaranteed a least 30 minutes to myself once he is in there. Sometimes more. At least I know I can shower and eat something. Then he usually ends up on the boppy next to me on the couch.

Recently I purchased a sling so that on days he really wants to be held (um.. today) I can put him in that and still have 2 hands. That way I can read, play online, etc.

I have 4 weeks left at home and I am starting to get anxious about that! Things are finally getting easier (and fun!) and then I go to work. Damn.


Surviving Suburbia said...

that jumperoo is awesome! It was very popular at my house. The Bumbo is great too! it cleans so easy and it great for travel, like a weekend ant the grandparent who may not have a high chair and all that jazz

Breann said...

He is starting to be a lot more "fun" and less "baby" and I am eager for all the new things he will start doing. I hear the 3 month mark is magical!

Team Tezzy said...

Aww, he is adorable!!! said...

He is so sweet, I miss holding a baby. All I am is a taxi service to my kids... ha ha ha..
You'll even enjoy your babaloo even more, after you go back to work. I hope you don't have to take him for shots in the snow storm tomorrow!
Oh, and my son LOVED the jumper! We had the kind that hung from a door way - he did it for hours. It was a God sent lifesaver.

Transplant said...

He's getting so big. I love his sweet little face!

Annie said...

he is just so cute!! i'm glad everything is going so well hun :) enjoy the next 4 weeks to the fullest!

Breann said...

Thanks everyone! He is a true joy.