Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I must be stopped

I vowed to myself that when I was home for 3 months on maternity leave I would NOT watch (and get addicted to) daytime television.

So I have browsed through Netflix Streaming to watch tv shows, tried How I Met Your Mother (it's just eh...) and exhausted On Demand.

So, my boss was very sweet to bring me the entire series of Gilmore Girls...

There were 7 seasons... 6 disks each season...

I am on Season 4 currently, disk 5.

It's all I watch during the day...

My schedule looks something like this:

7am-ish: Up, feeding Logan - watching news. (this is just about the only way I have any idea what the weather is doing most days...)

8am - Turn on Lifetime (shudder) to watch Fraiser. Gobble cereal while he chills.

9am - Baby is asleep! Me too!

10:30am - wake up and feed baby. While the bottle is warming and I am shoving the paci in his mouth over and over "Just one more minute!!" I am turning on the DVD player and getting all set up for Gilmore. Big ass cup of coffee included.

Repeat all day. Tummy time takes place on the floor in front of the tv. Everything takes place in front of the tv.. I consume around 3 cups of coffee from 11am - 2pm. (of course things change if I venture out to Target and hand them the paycheck I am no longer receiving). Oh yeah, let dogs inside and outside no fewer than 150 times.

If Target trip happens, I ALWAYS get pissed at the Starbucks inside because they eff something up. One day, no joke, the ESPRESSO MACHINE WAS BROKEN. WHAT? I have a newborn baby and I can't have my Venti Caramel Macchiatto? WHAT?

Sorry. For the record, plain coffee with half and half and sugar, and about half the shaker of that lame vanilla powder at the mixing counter does NOT substitute for a latte. Not even a little.

6pm: Lee is usually home and the Gilmore's get a rest. Bath time for Logan.

7:30pm - dinner while Logan is asleep on his Boppy Lounger or in the swing. Eat faster than you ever thought possible. He always wakes back up.

10 or 10:30pm - feed him again and pray to all Gods that he sleeps. Get in bed and tune my ears for all baby noises.

3 or 4am - feed baby. Stumble through the house lit only by night lights. Pray baby goes back to sleep quickly. More than likely get bodily fluids of some sort on me. It ALWAYS seems to happen in the middle of the night.

7am - Start all over.

I don't get why he will sleep 4 - 5 hours (from 11- 3 or 4) and then only 2ish in the next stretch.
Maybe he is a 7am guy.

Just like Teddy.


Annie said...

sounds like you are living the life ;)

i've never gotten into that show but my bestie loves it!!

Suniverse said...


I love that show so hard.

I particularly love the fact that you spent your days watching it - because what's the point if not to watch the episodes ALL IN A ROW!

Alley said...

Gilmore Girls...favorite show EVER. And I hear you on Starbucks...mine burns my coffee...not too sure how though. And bad coffee when you need that pick me up just won't do it.