Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh yeah, Christmas....

Yes, there was Christmas day in the recent haze of days.

Since Lee and I didn't really do gifts, other than the camera and the baby and all, it ended up being a pretty sparse gift year.

Donald was sweet and got me a necklace holder for the dresser. He gave Lee some long sleeved shirts, a hoodie, and some pj pants for his new Dad uniform.

My mom and Tony and us didn't do gifts this year. Their gift to me was letting me sleep while they took a night shift here and there (OMG it was awesome!) and they baby sat so Lee and I could go on a date. How long were we gone?

And hour and a half.

We tried.

Lee's family still wanted to do gifts. So over to their house we went.

By the way, everyone out there who is about to have a baby or will have one by Christmas next year, when you show up somewhere with a baby - you are chopped liver. It's all "Oh hi, glad you are here, good to see you! GIVE ME THE BABY!" and then you don't see the baby for hours.

Unless it cries, then it magically appears before you.

I snapped a few photos of people opening gifts:
Kelly - loves to fish - got some tackle:Laura and Justin flew in from Seattle. I gave her a chunky necklace from Anthropologie (not pictured) and Lee got Justin some beer glasses...
Kelly gave their dad a book and a homemade bookmark:
And Kelly gave Lee some beer mugs:I was given some books and other odds and ends. Lee's mother received gifts as well but I didn't get any photos of her opening them.

I also didn't get any "family" photos. Drats.

My grandmother couldn't help herself and sent gifts with my mom when they passed through Palestine on the way here. Boy was I excited to see about 8 or so of these!

Mason jars! And not just any Mason jars - ones with Dogwoods and Palestine on them. Palestine has a pretty exciting trail of Dogwoods that attracts many visitors every year, and of course a cute little festival to go with it. These have the dogwoods on one side and the 1986 Dogwood Trails info on the other.

I grew up drinking out of mason jars and up until now, I only had one in the house. Anytime I went to have a glass of {sweet} tea, I was hunting this one jar down.
My grandmother found a set of them in an antique store in town and grabbed them for me!

So now I made room for them next to Lee's new array of beer glasses (that he special orders from Dogfish Head). Woohoo!

It's the little things, huh?

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