Monday, December 13, 2010

Already flying by..

Tomorrow- Logan will be 2 weeks old.


Already I think the camera has paid for itself. Mom took this photo of me with him by the tree:No makeup - nice. I am trying to embrace the no makeup while I am home. But I am trying to stay away from the 24 hour a day pony tail.

I got some awesome photos of him during his tummy time yesterday - these are no flash and I manually focused them. LOVE having that option since point and shoots just freak out when you turn off the flash...I think his hair makes him look like a hedgehog.
The cutest hedgehog ever...

I basically put the camera on the floor, focused it and just starting shooting. I can't believe how it turned out with no flash and only a little daylight through the blinds.
Now I may need to spring for photoshop.

New addiction on the horizon..

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PathwaysMom said...

Hi there,
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