Thursday, December 16, 2010

My tree's story...

With all that's going on these days, it hasn't felt a whole lot like Christmas... I mean the tree is up and beautiful - but it's almost like a really awesome nightlight most of the time. I mean, being up at 3am feeding a baby while you are half awake is much better with the tree on.

Here is our tree:
Yes, it's fake. And I love it.. But it isn't pre-lit - I light it myself every year... and end up adding more lights!

I use mostly red and white, and snowflakes is the "theme", though I find myself putting less and less ornaments on the tree every year. I know in a few years it will be covered with popsicle stick ornaments hand made by little Logan.

Our tree happens to have all our "first" ornaments on it. Here is mine:
And Lee's:
And now Logan's:
There are other special ornaments on the tree as well.

Donald got us this one:Isn't that sweet?

We also honor the pups:Who also have stockings...:
(see Logan's?!)I always like to have a little something hanging out of the stockings. I haven't purchased the dog's toys yet - that will happen on my first trip out alone with baby tomorrow at Target!

The ornament that still makes me misty eyed when I hang it is Luther's - who has been gone 5 years.

Does your tree tell a story?


The Collins in 2010 said...

I feel better! I glad someone else honors their past pets. I still put up a picture of my Piquita from Xmas years ago each Xmas and his little Santa hat! I thought only I was this dog crazy!

Breann said...

I got Luther when I was about 9 years old and he lived 17 years. When he died I was devastated. He was also a schnauzer, which is what led us to go with that as our family pet. We have made an effort to keep the dogs included even with new baby. We love them!

Team Tezzy said...

New follower here! Love your tree! I love that you have doggie ornaments on there, too! Our family just got a golden retriever puppy (an early Santa present), so I need to get him a little ornament, too. Great idea! :) Merry Christmas!

Team Tezzy said...

PS, Fins up! ;)