Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Real Bath

Until the umbilicle cord falls off, you can only sponge bathe the baby. Since Logan's fell off 2 days ago, we were able to give him his bath today, submerged in warm water!
At first he was a little freaked out, but then he calmed down. I am sure he will grow to love bath time. We have toys already in the closet ready for him to play with!
Lee is just glad we have a used for our bath tub, other than bathing dogs (which we also did this morning). I am telling you, that tub will help us sell this house. But that's another story.


Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

Look how calm he is! Impressive. Really hate that I have the sniffles today or I'd come over. Can't wait to meet him.

Anonymous said...

He is so tiny! :)