Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Present Debacle

Logan was born 15 days before his due date (Dec 15) and I am ever grateful. I was so terrified of having a December baby who would have those weird birthdays that ran into Christmas. I am hoping a Nov 30 bday will mean he will have birthday parties in his classroom and a little distance from Christmas to keep the two from blending together.

With Logan's impending arrival, Lee and I discussed how we wanted to handle Christmas presents this year. Both for family/friends and each other. Since a nice camera is something we were lacking and knew we needed with a baby - we decided this year we would get the camera as a gift to each other and not do individual presents. We settled on the Nikon D3100:

What I liked about this camera is that is came with a great lense and it takes HD video. We have the biggest memory card we could find and ordered a carrying case. I have gotten the hang of manual focus (LOVE!) and it take great photos without flash. Logan does NOT like flash.

I am struggling with not having something for Lee to open from me on Christmas Day. Especially since he really pulled out all the stops and got me this as my push present:

Cole Haan Heritage Weave Jade Bag

I had wanted to get him something as a show of appreciation for his patience with me throughout the pregnancy... like a Daddy push present. I was trying to incorporate his love of beer/wine. He isn't a jewelry person at all, he loves gadgets. I got him a video game for his birthday and chipped in with Donald on headphones for him to wear so that when the baby is sleeping he can still hear the game. He loved all that.
I just need something stocking sufferish to show him how much I love him and how happy I am we made this little squeaky, squirmy creature. Something will come to me. Hopefully soon...

Also - if I can't find presents for everyone on, it ain't happening.

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Transplant said...

I asked Brett if he had any ideas for you and he said, "Well, he likes good beer." So I've got nothing for you. But I tried!