Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cathing my Breath

Let me tell you - those "baby blues" you hear about after you deliver - they are so real!
Friday, while we were waiting to be discharged at the hospital, the carolers came around to sing Christmas songs. What did I do? Cry.

All the frustration with feeding - cry cry cry.

Christmas commercials on tv? CRY.

But, as I have adjusted to Logan's sleep routine, I have gotten loads better. I am also super confident in my keep-him-alive skills - feeding and bathing and sleeping. That makes it easier to smile too. Tuesday of next week will be first alone day with him and I am trying to do all I can to get in a good rthym so that I don't sit on the couch freak out.

All that money we spent on the nursery? He sleeps in the living room in his pack-n-play bassinet! Seems that the bedrooms in this house are colder than the living room and he lasts about 30 minutes in his crib before he cries to be held. So you either sleep sitting up in his glider, or you sleep on the couch while he sleeps in the bassinet! He is only 25th percentile, so he is little and the Dr thinks he will sleep ok in that back room once he gets a little meatier!

This week has been full of firsts!

First Bath:First Dr Appt - they said we can take him out and about but avoid peak hours at malls, restaurants, and shopping places. We can take him out in the stroller for a little walk too. Just have to keep a thin blanket over the carrier so germs don't just land on him.

Today we will have first tummy time! He is 8 days old and needs to avoid the whole flat-head thing...

Lee likes to hold Logan on his chest:
I like to kiss his little toes:
Logan is my tv watching buddy - we watched Saved By the Bell at 6am, then the news... even a little Home Alone. I admit, some zombies too... I didn't let him watch the scary parts...

As the days go by - they get easier. But when my Mom leaves Sunday I think Lee and I will be a little freaked out!


Anonymous said...

So glad you posted some new pictures! He is such a cutie!

The Collins in 2010 said...

The pictures are awesome! Don't you just love that camera!!!!!!