Friday, February 4, 2011

The day the computer died...

We have 3 computers in our house.

We have a nice fancy iMac in the guest room that is used for pictures and music mainly. Then we have a Sony Viao laptop in the living room that is really for internet surfing. Last we have a 6 or 7 year old iBook G4 that is slow so when we got the Sony (from Donald) I retired it to a cabinet because I couldn't bring myself to throw it out.

Last weekend, Lee was sitting on the couch with his coffee and the Sony when Lola decided she needed to be in his lap. She caused him to dump his entire giant mug of coffee on the laptop and it is fried.


Ok fine, we will survive with just the iMac in the other room and maybe get an iPad when the new ones come out in a month or so. I mean we really just surf the internet in here anyway, right?

Fast forward to my second day home alone after the coffee disaster. I can't really chill in the other room and surf the net while the baby is asleep in the living room. Just doesn't feel right to me.

Oh yeah! the iBook!

I pulled it out, charged it up, and proceeded to delete every single program off it that isn't needed to play online. It's actually a lot faster now and lets me read the blogs I like, play on Facebook, and order things on Amazon.

Now - do we still get an iPad in a few months? Or another inexpensive laptop?



Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

We have in ipad and I really do like it's portability. It's kind of a pain to type on though. Still, if you're just using it for surfing, I think it's a great option and apps are fun! said...

ipad. For the apps, to use for entertaining little ones while traveling ( movies ) and you can buy a keyboard for easier typing.

Surviving Suburbia said...

Campbell and I both love the iPad. I love that it does notbhave to boot up like a lapbtop and the battery is great! Awesome for travel and waiting rooms